Makeup Dos and Don’ts for Your Profile Photos

Makeup Tips and Tricks to Use When Shooting A New Profile Pic

Now that you have the right wardrobe, you want make sure that you have the right makeup. Here are some easy to follow makeup guidelines that can either break or make the look.

*Remember that you want “natural-looking” makeup, but that doesn’t necessarily mean light makeup.



Blog Make Up Face

  • Make sure that the foundation you’re using is the closest color match to your face, neck and chest area.
  • Liquid foundation is best. If you can use an oil-free matte formula, it looks the best in photographs. Avoid “sheer” aka BB cream or light coverage formulas and powder/compact foundations, which all don’t give the right amount of coverage.
  • Don’t be afraid to use a matte powder to set the look at the end and to do touch ups to keep from looking too shiny
  • No shimmer or glitter!!!







  • Blog Make Up Eye.pngWax or pluck your eyebrows a few days before the shoot so that it’s not red or irritated the day of
  • Fill in your brows so there are no patchy spots and its dark, even in natural light
  • Wear a darker shade of mascara or false lashes to accent your eyes






  • Blog Make Up CheeksUse a blush color that is one shade darker than the color you normally wear and make sure that there is no distinct line of where the blush ends.










  • Blog Make Up PaletteUsing the chart, the color of the lips should be one shade darker than the best look in person. The lips should be shifted in the direction of darker red.
  • Also, lip gloss is often effective in making the lips fuller.






When in doubt and if you’re investing in professional photos, we highly recommend that you source a professional and experienced makeup artist

If you still don’t have the perfect wardrobe for your portfolio picture, check out our post here.


Lucy Fang smallLucy Fang started her career in the world of modeling in high school with commercial, print and runway work in Florida. After graduating with a B.A. in communications, she discovered the excitement of promotional modeling and worked with a variety of international brands. Her years of modeling give her a unique perspective of  the hair and make up needs for headshot and profile photos. 

The Do’s and Don’ts Of What To Wear In Your Talent Profile Photos

Shooting photos with a Professional or DIY? You need to make sure you have the right wardrobe!

Clients ask two critical questions prior to selecting a brand ambassador: Do they have the skills for the job and are they suitable for the company which really means do they represent the brand? Making sure your profile photos are perfect is critical to getting booked for these brand ambassador opportunities.

*Remember the wardrobe is a costume. The clothing is meant to make the character i.e. “attractive, real person” convincing. When selecting wardrobe for profile photos, think words like professional and polished.

Let’s face it – if someone looks at your photos and comments on the outfit – you have failed.

Your profile photos are designed to sell you – not the clothing or the jewelry, and definitely not the makeup or photographer’s creativity.

Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts to keep in mind when selecting wardrobe for photos.

Do– Pick Solid colors.

Don’t– Pick floral prints or patterns. They can be too distracting.

Wardrobe Blog Image 1

Do– Make sure the clothing fits properly.

Don’t– Wear clothing that’s so tight that it looks like you might be going out for night on the town.

Wardrobe Blog Image 2


Do – Classy or timeless outfits aka J Crew or Banana Republic

Don’t – Trendy or fashion oriented outfits i.e. Forever 21

Wardrobe Blog Image 3

Do – Have a good mix of colors and styles.

Don’t– Have photos of you wearing only one color. Give your agency some selection on what might help sell you better.

Wardrobe Blog Image 4

Do– Have nicely groomed nails

Don’t– Have  attention-getting jewelry! Less is more.

Wardrobe Blog Image 5

If in doubt, ask your staffing agent what types of photos they are looking for and they will be happy to give you pointers and suggestions. It’s typical for talent to have a variety of photos in their talent profile so their agency can book them for different types of clients who may be looking for different talent characteristics. Remember that it’s in your agencies’ best interest to have great photos of you. It’s like the old Vidal Sassoon saying, “If you don’t look good, we don’t look good.”



Lucy Fang smallLucy Fang started her career in the world of modeling in high school with commercial, print and runway work in Florida. After graduating with a B.A. in communications, she discovered the excitement of promotional modeling and worked with a variety of international brands. With a solid 5 years of promotional selling, she went to work  behind the scenes as a booking agent. It was there where she learned the secrets of why models did or didn’t get booked and what agents were really looking for. Moving to Chicago, she continued to model but also focused on using her degree and her experience with social media to help build her clients’ presence on the web.

6 Tips for Working Promos and Events Outside This Summer

The hot weather is here…(in Florida it’s been hot since February) and that means tons of outdoor promos and events. Follow these tips to keep your energy up and a smile on your face!

Tip #1: Be Well RestedAdelante Live

Take it easy the night before a summer outdoor promotion. It’s not the time to stay out late and have one too many the night before your event. Hangovers and direct sunlight do not mix! Get a good night’s sleep so you can wake up early and refreshed to get to your event on time and ready to promote.

Tip #2: Stay Hydrated

Bring a refillable water bottle and take small drinks often throughout the day. Of course ask your team lead if you can refill the water (don’t just leave footprint) if water isn’t provided for you. Avoid caffeine and alcohol (you know you can’t drink when working an event – right?!).

Tip #3: Eat Light Meals

For all promoters working at festivals- avoid the deep fried Oreos! It will only weigh you down. Heavy, fried foods and too much sugar do not go well when working in the sun or in high temperatures. Eat a light, healthy breakfast and bring high energy snacks with you for your breaks such as fresh fruit or a granola bar. For lunch, try your best to find something light and eat smaller portions. And in case you were wondering, philly cheesteak and chili fries are not light and healthy!

Tip #4: Wear Cotton and Hats, Sunglasses (if allowed)

Follow uniform guidelines but have summer weight fabric options. Wear cotton and other breathable fabrics instead of synthetics. It will make a huge difference. If the client allows you to wear shorts- don’t take advantage. Ladies: NO short shorts- wear knee length shorts only. Remember you are working so your shorts need to be consumer appropriate. Follow uniform guidelines but ask if hats and/or sunglasses are allowed. Make sure any cap/hat you have is non branded – think plain black baseball cap – not a huge sun visor or beach hat. A non branded cap is more likely to be allowed if it’s not provided for you.

Tip #5: Always Wear Sunscreen and Reapply

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, you should follow the rules below when applying sunscreen.

  • Choose sunscreen that has an SPF of 30 or higher, is water resistant, and provides broad-spectrum coverage.
  • Apply sunscreen generously before going outdoors. It takes approximately 15 minutes for your skin to absorb the sunscreen and protect you.
  • Use enough sunscreen. Most adults need at least one ounce of sunscreen, about the amount you can hold in your palm, to fully cover all exposed areas of your body. Rub the sunscreen thoroughly into your skin.
  • Apply sunscreen to all bare skin. Remember your neck, face, ears, tops of your feet and legs. For hard-to-reach areas like your back, ask someone to help you or use a spray sunscreen. If you have thinning hair, either apply sunscreen to your scalp or wear a wide-brimmed hat. To protect your lips, apply a lip balm with a SPF of at least 15.
  • Reapply sunscreen at least every two hours to remain protected, or immediately after swimming or excessively sweating.

So make sure you apply your first layer of sunscreen BEFORE you arrive to the event and remember to bring it with you so you can reapply throughout the day. Even if you are working under a tent, you still have to walk to and from your transportation or you may have to work out in the crowd. Be prepared for any scenario!

Tip #6: If You Can’t Take the Heat…

Well you know how the rest goes. The heat isn’t for everyone. If you know you are heat averse or can’t work in the sun for whatever reason, don’t sign up to be a promoter at an outdoor event. You should know by now that events and promos are on rain or shine so you have to be flexible and be willing to work in any capacity at an outdoor event. Read the event description carefully and ask questions before confirming your availability to work.

Janice Rodriguez is the President and Agency Director of Adelante Live and really loves the shade. Please follow her on Twitter @jvrodrig1029 or on Google+. You can view her full bio here.

4 Steps To “Spring Clean” Your Talent Profile

Adelante Live Summer is ComingClean and Updated Profile = More Summer Event Opportunities

Summer officially starts on June 21st…so you still have a few days to get your ‘spring cleaning’ done. Take a moment now to ‘clean’ up your talent profile with your event staffing agencies so you can maximize your chance of being booked this summer.

1) Review Contact Information

Have you changed your phone number, address or any other pertinent information? Did you get married, divorced or change your name? Especially if you moved- agencies need to know what metro areas you can work in! Take a moment to update your contact info and payment related information.

2) Refresh Profile Photo

Now is the time to get the right photos on your profile. But at the minimum, make sure your photos LOOK like you. Did you cut your hair, change the color or changed your appearance in any way? Be honest- have you gained a few pounds and your photo is from 2007? We need to know what you look like TODAY.

3) Update Event Experience

In the ALI Agenda system, you have the ability to update your experience under event types such as demos or tradeshows. Although we don’t expect you to list every promo you’ve done in the past 5 years, you should make sure you have at least a few in each category. CLIENTS CAN ONLY SEE WHAT IS LISTED IN THIS SECTION. Meaning, we do not forward any other type of info such as resume or cover letter. So if you just finished managing a major cross country tour- take the time now to add it to your profile.

4) Gained a New Skill – Let Us Know!

Maybe you just finished a gig where you emceed or haven’t updated your profile since we’ve added new skill categories. We need to know what sports you can play, instruments you can play, languages you can speak and any other certifications or licenses you may have. This helps us match you with our clients’ promotions and events. If you don’t have it listed, you won’t be contacted and can lose out on a cool event!

Take these steps ASAP to clean and update your profile today and increase your chances of getting booked this summer.

Janice Rodriguez is the President and Agency Director of Adelante Live. Please follow her on Twitter @jvrodrig1029 or on Google+. You can view her full bio here.  It may also be time for her to update her photo too (it’s been a while!).

Promotional Talent: 6 Reasons Why You Aren’t Getting Booked

Not Getting Booked? Adelante LiveIncrease your chances of being booked for an event by following these 6 quick and simple steps.

“Why am I not getting booked??”

I hear that question as least once a week.

You believe you are the perfect fit for the position. You have the right look, attitude and personality. Your experience is on par – or even surpasses – what is being requested. And you are available! But yet you still didn’t get booked.

So why is that?

Let’s explore a few reasons, shall we?

1) Your photos are from 1972.

Well, ok, maybe they’re not that old, but nonetheless, you are obviously wearing a style that is outdated. When we see the same photos in your profile for three years, we know it’s time for you to update them. Always make sure that your photos are current. They should show your latest hairstyle, cut, and color, and current shape and size. Often times clients want a conservative look, so if your photos still show the blue-streak phase that you went through two years ago, chances are you won’t get booked. Got those braces off? Great! Now upload a photo showing off your brand new smile. I cannot stress enough how much a good photo lends to your booking strategy!

2) The only experience that you listed is dog sitting for your mom.

I sort through dozens of profiles on a daily basis. And among the criteria that I look for is prior promotional experience. If you have no prior experience listed in your profile, you may get passed over and never get booked. Now, this doesn’t mean that someone new to the promotional business won’t get a shot. I’ve given several newbies a chance to prove themselves – and they’ve now become some of my best “go to” people. However, if you don’t put forth the effort to at least list SOMETHING in the experience section of your profile, why should I call you? If your profile isn’t complete, why would I believe that your event reporting will be complete?

Put forth the effort! Even if you think that your experience isn’t worth listing…LIST IT. We have several sections for different types of work experience from child care to serving.

And if you’re someone who has a ton of varied experience, be sure to list a good well-rounded sampling of your work.

Bottom Line: The more experience listed in your profile, regardless of what it is, the better chance you have of receiving a call for an interview and getting booked.

3) You live near Atlanta but keep applying for positions in Albuquerque.

We know who you are. You live in Georgia. And you apply for everything. Even for events in states that you’ve never visited.

Kudos to you for wanting to explore! I love someone with a traveler’s spirit. However, not when it comes to getting booked for a three-hour promotion.

Please be sure to thoroughly check each listing including the locations. If you are someone who continually applies to events in random cities, we will eventually notice that and it will make us think twice about booking you because we are never really sure where you are, Waldo.

4) Your contact information is incorrect.

Do I really need to expand on this? Update it. Right. Now.

5) “Fashionably late” has no place in promotions.

If you already have a history with us and that history shows multiple late appearances, it will affect your future bookings. And that’s something that everyone should keep in mind when committing to a booking. You are promising us that you will not only show up and do your best, but you will be there on time. Don’t be afraid to ask your agency if your prior experience with them is satisfactory. We are very honest with our talent. If I see a prior issue in a profile, chances are I will ask you about it during our interview.

6) No call, No show, No way!

Before you decide to “no show” to your next confirmed booking, you may want to stop and think about the ramifications. If you take anything away from this blog, let it be this point:


I do not take no calls/no shows lightly (or personally). However, it serves as a grave injustice to our client. And that is something that I do not tolerate.

Mind you, I’m not generalizing cancellations here. Things happen. Family emergencies, traffic accidents, illness…we all have things that come up at the last minute that are out of our control. But should the need arise for you to cancel, please have the professionalism to call your account manager at your agency and notify them of the situation.

A no call/no show will likely lead to dismissal from our agency – and none of us want that. We place a tremendous value on you, our talent. Without you, there would be no us. Please show us that same courtesy.

Do it Today!

Following these six simple guidelines could help you get your foot in the door, set you up for an interview, and finally get booked! So take the time NOW, get out there and land that event you’ve been applying for!

Don’t hesitate – head over to and log in to your A-Live Agenda profile now. Update your photos, your prior event history, and your current metro so you will show up in our searches and be emailed the right opportunities.

If you’re new to us, please visit to set up your new profile using the tips listed above!

Adelante Live - Account Manager - Lisa Marino - ThumbnailLisa Marino is an account manager with Adelante Live Inc. To learn more about Lisa, please read her full bio here. When she’s not scheduling promotional talent for ALI, she can be found singing along with Air Supply at their concert. (Seriously.)

9 Phone Etiquette Tips to Keep You Dialed-in for Success!

Phone Etiquette for Talent - Adelante Live blog

Proper phone etiquette may seem like common sense, but in today’s digital age, communication skills seem to get lost in translation. Try to keep these phone etiquette tips in mind when talking with your agency’s account managers.

1) The best time to call. Try your best to call your account manager during normal business hours (8am-6pm, M-F). Some agencies (like us!) allow for office phones to be transferred to cell phones after business hours for any on-site emergencies during an activation. But do try your best to reach your agency during business hours.

2) Identify yourself. Be sure to give your full name and reason for calling. If leaving a message, follow the same proper phone etiquette and include your call back number and best time to reach you.

3) Remain professional. Avoid informal speech and explicit language. If a relationship between you and your manager has already been established, you may inquire about other non-sensitive personal matters. Let your personality shine…but make sure you are doing so appropriately.

4) Reduce the noise level. This phone etiquette tip should apply to any call. You may be able to hear someone but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they can hear you. Remember: Background sounds can drown out your voice. Move to a quieter area if talking on the phone. Roll the windows up if in a car. If you absolutely must make or receive a call in a noisy environment, cup your hand over the mouthpiece of the phone as best as you can. Not only will the person on the phone appreciate it, but those around you will thank you, too!

5) Speak clearly and directly into the mouthpiece – and don’t use a speakerphone. If there is a need for you to be “hands-free”, then proper phone etiquette says you shouldn’t be on the phone. Wait until you can physically pick up the phone to have a conversation. Remember to speak clearly and slowly, especially when leaving a message. And don’t eat or chew gum while talking!

6) Smile! And set the tone. Did you know that you can actually “hear” a smile? If the account manager senses boredom or shyness in your voice, they may think you don’t have the right personality for the gig. Make sure your tone is positive, yet not pushy or overly anxious.

7) Take notes. Have a pen and paper handy. If you are speaking to a new manager – one you haven’t worked with before – make sure you write down their name…then use it during the call. You’ll also want to take specific notes regarding what is expected of you for the event.

8) Don’t talk while driving! Know your state law. Some states prohibit use of a cell phone while driving. If you must answer a call, let your account manager that you are driving and would like to call them back. Give them a time frame when you will return their call…then make sure you do so! (The same goes for texting. Do not text and drive. Wait until your vehicle is stopped to send a text.)

9) End on a high note! Thank the account manager for taking the time to speak with you. If you are booked, thank them for the booking and reassure them that you will do your best!

You’ll be surprised just how far proper phone etiquette can take you. It shows professionalism, positivity, and will give you that edge that you need over other talent!

Adelante Live - Account Manager - Lisa Marino - Thumbnail Lisa Marino is an account manager with Adelante Live Inc. To learn more about Lisa, please read her full bio here. When she’s not hustling for ALI, she can be found doing a mean cover of “Dreams” at a local karaoke night.

7 Tips for Promo Talent: How to Write a Better Event Recap Report

7 Tips for Writing a Better Event Recap Report- Adelante Live blog7 Must-Do’s On Your Next Event or Promo Recap

Last week, my colleague Lisa Marino wrote a post about the vital information brands and agencies should obtain from an event recap report. I wanted to take the opportunity with this post to address the event talent who are asked to fill out such event recap reports. The reports are vital to assessing the success of an event and they must be filled out completely and accurately. This is your opportunity to let your agency and the brand now how the event was received by consumers. Also the report can be used to relay any on site challenges or suggestions on how to improve interactions. Here are some tips to keep in mind when completing a recap report for an event, demo, or promotion.

Take Your Time

We always recommend that our talent bring a printed copy of the report to the event or promotion so they can take notes and write down consumer quotes. Taking notes steadily throughout the day will help you answer the questions on the report so you don’t have to rely on your memory. Double check your counts when taking beginning and ending inventory of product samples or promotional materials. These numbers are important for logistics and budget reasons.

Take time to think about what you are writing and remember your audience. Your agency and the brand client will be reading your comments and remarks. Remember your “voice” and make sure you are writing in a professional manner. The wording you use should be more formal than the way you typically speak. Remember the report is an important element and should be considered a part of your event. Clients are more likely to request specific talent who present themselves in a professional way. The way you write your recap reports is taken into important consideration.

Write Legibly

As mentioned above, we suggest that you make a copy of report for notes. This is especially important if your report must be hand written due to the request of a store stamp or on site manager signature. You will want one copy for notes and to edit comments and then the clean copy should be neatly written and contain the  necessary signatures. If you make a mistake, use whiteout or just put one line through the error- don’t scribble or cross out. Hand written reports need to be very neat so they can be read by the client. Take special care when scanning hand written reports and check the image view before sending to your agency to ensure they are readable!

Use Microsoft Word to Type Answers and Copy/Paste

If you have to submit an online recap report, we recommend that you write answers first in a word processing program so you can easily edit your responses and check your spelling and grammar. Another advantage of using Word or a similar program, is that you can start and save your document and walk away from it if you have to. Some online reports time-out after a while or if you accidentally leave the page, you will lose everything you wrote! Avoid this by using Word to type out your answers and then copy and paste into the online form.

Write in Complete Sentences and Give Insightful Feedback

Do not give one word answers or phrases to questions that require a little more depth. For example, a report we have with a food brand asks, “What other types of products would the consumer like to see us make?”. Some talent just submit: “Candy, drinks, crackers.”

A more professional well thought-out response would be:

“Several female consumers who enjoyed the product were interested in crackers or another type of crispy snack. A few younger consumers thought it would be great to have these flavors in a candy bar. A middle-aged gentleman suggested a protein shake type drink in the chocolate mint flavor. He thought if it tasted more like a dessert, more people would be interested in the product.”

This answer gives more detail into what type of consumer suggested what products and gave very specific feedback. This type of information is important for brands to hear as it gives them direct insight into what their consumer is looking for.

Another example: 

Question: What was the store traffic during your demo?

Typical answer: Slow

Better answer: Customer traffic during the first two hours of my demo was slower than usual. After speaking with the manager, I attribute this to the early start time of the demo. The store manager told me that on Sundays there are more consumers after noon with a peak time being noon-3pm. He suggested we shift the start time of our demo time to 11am or later so we can meet more consumers during the peak shopping times.

The latter gives your agency critical feedback that they may not have known. Now, they can make adjustments to the event time to maximize consumer interactions.

Check Your Spelling and Grammar

If you are using Microsoft Word to type your response, take advantage of the spell and grammar check. However don’t blindly accept their changes and make sure you read their suggestions before you just accept them. Some rules do not apply or they offer a suggestion that doesn’t fit. It’s a computer program and it is a tool to help you proofread but you still need to be the proofreader and double check your work.

Be Aware of Spelling and Grammar Pitfalls

Misspelled words are very common on recap reports. In addition to using the wrong word (too vs. to, they’re vs. their), there are several words that are commonly misspelled. Please review this chart as a refresher on how to spell commonly misspelled words.

Beyond spelling or word choice, there are several common grammatical errors that plague most people’s writing. Please take a minute to review the following list of common errors and keep these in mind before you write your next recap report.

Meet Your Deadlines!

The agency has given you a specific deadline for a reason. They need time to compile the information and send to the client in the manner it is requested. Your agency may have hundreds of the same type of event running simultaneously and they need time to process all the reports and/or photos. When you accept a promotion booking, you are accepting it in its entirety and it is not complete until all reports are submitted. Make sure you make reports a priority!

Use these tips to write better event recap reports. Your agency will love you for it!

Janice Rodriguez is the President and Agency Director of Adelante Live. Please follow her on Twitter @jvrodrig1029 or on Google+. You can view her full bio here. When she’s not working (when is that?) she enjoys traveling, especially if it’s out of the country and she has no access to a computer (or phone).

The Importance Of Being On Time (and That Means 15 Minutes Early)

What You Need to Know About Arriving to Your Events On Time

Be on Time Have you heard the expression, arriving on time means you are already late? Well I hadn’t heard that until I started in this industry close to 10 years ago. A former event manager I worked with was adamant that you were on time only when you arrived 15 minutes early. We have always called this an industry “courtesy” but more and more often we are seeing brand ambassadors and sometimes even event managers, arriving late to promotions.

So what does being on time mean to us here at Adelante Live? It means that you are at the activation site, checking in with the event manager 15 minutes before your booked time. This does NOT mean you are looking for parking or, God forbid, still driving to the event!

I’m not going to tell you to set your alarm early or change the time of the event in your calendar to trick yourself into arriving early. I’ll leave that up to you. As an independent contractor, you have to be responsible for your schedule and if you cannot arrive on time- you will no longer be booked by any agency. You will rarely get a second chance.

Here are some practical tips on how to make sure you arrive to your event early and ready to execute:

Prepare In Advance

Make sure you have the following information and items with you:

  • Final information
  • Wardrobe
  • Site map/Directions
  • On site contact information
  • Parking information
  • Cash for parking
  • Charged cell phone

Remember you can always check your events from our mobile site ( and full A-Live Agenda online. Also if there is any other issue or concern, you can always call your Adelante Live Account Manager – even on the weekend – and your call will be answered. NOTE: Please review this information the day BEFORE event so you can get any questions answered/clarified. Waiting until the hour before the event is not a good idea.

Allow More Time for Parking and Traffic

You know when rush hour is so plan accordingly. But an accident can cause a traffic snarl. You need to pad enough time in for these unforeseeable circumstances. Working at a major sporting event or in a busy downtown area? You know you will have to park somewhere possibly far from the event location. You have to allow enough time to navigate a potentially unfamiliar area, park and actually walk to and enter the promotional area.

Know Directions

Make sure you know the best way to get to the event as well as an alternate route in case of traffic or road closure. With GPS and online programs such as Google or Yahoo Maps, there really is no excuse for not knowing HOW to get to your event. If you are unfamiliar with the area, automatically add an extra 30 minutes to your prep time so you can navigate the area.

Your Tardiness Affects Everyone

When you are late, the onsite manager has to stop what they are doing and call you and/or the agency to check your status. The manager has to delay training and other critical pre-execution tasks. And when you arrive late and the event is already in progress- it just looks really bad to attendees who can see you running around and it affects the morale of other talent who are picking up your slack because you’re not there.

Many People are Counting on You

The brand paid good money to have this event executed as planned. Months of planning, large amounts of money and the hard work of many people from many different companies and organizations have gone into the event and your performance is critical to its success. If the goal is to have a certain amount of interactions or distribute a set number of samples, your lateness will affect the achievement of those goals. People lose their jobs over not reaching and exceeding benchmarks. Even though that may sound extreme- clients have been lost for much less.

Time is Money

I’m sure you have heard the expression “Time is money”? It couldn’t be more true in the experiential marketing industry. Not only will the brand, agency and staffing agency’s money be affected by your timeliness, but you will be affected the most. Remember that your ability to be punctual to your events will make a big difference in getting hired for future events. Trust me – word travels fast in this industry and you do not want to get a reputation for being a talent who always arrives late and unprepared.

Bottom line: You need to be where you say you will be at the right time- which is at least 15 minutes early.


Janice Rodriguez is the President and Agency Director of Adelante Live. Please follow her on Twitter @jvrodrig1029. You can view her full bio here. When she’s not working (when is that?) she enjoys traveling, especially if it’s out of the country and she has no access to a computer (or phone).

Three Reasons Why It Seems Like Your Agency Has Lost Your Number

1. You Have a Reputation of Being Late.  In this profession being late is tantamount to committing a cardinal sin. Thou must not be late!  And if for some reason you are late; you should call or text the onsite manager before you are actually late to let them know that you are running behind and when they should expect you.  Admittedly I’ve had to do this once or twice. It has always worked out to my benefit. By calling before you are actually late it prevents the onsite manager from wondering if they have a no show on their hands and if backups need to be called. It also shows responsibility, respect for others’ time, and that you are not the type to try to sneak in late hoping that no one has noticed.

2. You are overheard bad mouthing the Client, Product, Agency, and/ or Event Management.  Engaging in that type of behavior is always in bad taste.  At some point we all have been involved in a program that was disorganized and poorly managed.   Complaining about it to anyone who will listen is tempting; however do your best to refrain from this. Yes it feels good to vent at times, but you never know who is listening and who is friends with whom. This can be a competitive industry and you don’t want to lose out on bookings because word got back to an agency that you had a negative attitude and were complaining about the program.  If the client happens to be onsite and overhears it, count on never working for that booking agency again.

3. You don’t look like your pictures. You must look like your pictures. An agency cannot send you to a casting call or promotion in good faith if you’ve gained or lost twenty pounds, you’ve cut your hair, you’ve grown your hair, you’ve dyed your hair and your pictures do not reflect these changes. Drastic appearance changes require picture updates. With promotional modeling opportunities the rules are not as strict but you should still do your best to regularly update your photos.

Don’t fall victim to any of the above bad behaviors and you will be sure to remain in your agency’s good graces.

Shalina Rankin      Shalina Rankin, writer, trade show host, event and marketing specialist and owner of Baubles At Your Feet  may be contacted at for opportunities, comments and topic suggestions.


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  • Tech savvy with home internet access, a cell phone and reliable transportation?

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