Our Clients

At Adelante Live (ALI) we recognize that we’re nothing without the support and trust of our clients. That is why we take our fourth cornerstone, accountability, so seriously.

Everything we do from the top down is designed to offer unparalleled service to our clients , and to constantly improve those services, so that our clients will stand out from the crowd and achieve their brand awareness goals.


Nationwide Capabilities

Adelante Live is truly a NATIONWIDE agency, with staffing capabilities in both major metro markets and lesser populated areas across all 50 states and in Puerto Rico and Canada (via our partner agencies). Our focus on recruitment and talent development allow us to continuously build and maintain the robust talent database necessary to meet the staffing needs of our clients’ event projects. 

No Project Too Big or Small

But as far we’re concerned, it’s not about the size of the brand or project. Some of our most successful events have been executed on behalf of small- to mid-sized businesses looking to increase brand awareness at the local or national level. ALI’s wide range of services enables us to develop, manage, execute, and support live events and promotions of all sizes and at a variety of price points, no matter what your marketing spend is.

Ready to start a conversation about how we can help you take your marketing to the next level with unprecedented ROI and one of a kind experiences for your customers?

At Adelante Live, we've built an expertise in executing promotions for beauty brands.

At Adelante Live, we’ve developed a successful formula for managing and executing retail demonstrations and large scale events in support of beauty brand awareness. We have the ability to provide licensed cosmetologists, hairstylists, estheticians, professional makeup artists and beauty experts to promote some of the world’s most popular cosmetic, hair care and skin care brands.  Use our experience in managing the relationship between the brand, retailer and talent to develop, manage and execute live beauty events and promotions of all sizes!

Beauty Clients

At Adelante Live, we work with well known brands across industries.

The portfolio of clients serviced by Adelante Live boasts some of the most well-known brands in the adult beverage industry which includes leaders in the wine, beer and spirit categories. This list of brands include Fireball, Absolut, Chloe Wine, Aveniu Brands & Jameson – to name a few.

Beer / Wine / Spirits

Sazerac & adelante Live
Macallan & Adelante Live
Aveniu & Adelante Live
Jameson & Adelante Live
Absolut & Adelante Live
Client Cupcake Wines
JP Chenet & Adelante Live
Chloe Wine & Adelante LIve
Chivas Regal & Adelante Live

At Adelante Live, no brand is too big … or too small.

We’ve had the privilege of working with some of the world’s most iconic brands and as well as popular local and regional brands and service companies. Adelante Live has provided event services and brand awareness for businesses across the food and beverage, toy, CPG, financial services and communications industries. This list of brands include Hasbro, T-Mobile, Kelloggs, Tic Tac, and State Farm along with many more.

Sports / Restaurants / Media / Food Brands

WWE & Adelante Live
Wilson Sports & Adelante Live
TGI Friday's & Adelante Live
Stouffer's & Adelante Live
McDonald's & Adelante Live
Filippo Berio & Adelante Live
Hot Wheels & Adelante Live
Clamato & Adelante Live
Charter Networks & Adelante Live
Bay 9 News & Adelante Live