Our Mission

What Drives Us To Do What We Do

Adelante Live, Inc. utilizes customized technology to deliver outstanding experiential marketing services and targeted promotional talent. With absolute accessibility and transparency, we set the stage for the events and tradeshows that effectively promote our clients’ brands and products.

So what does our mission really mean for our talent and clients?

Customized Technology: The A-Live Apex® is our proprietary web-based software which we have developed in-house as a customizable event staffing and project management platform.  It was designed specifically with our unique industry in mind. We are able to use technology including mobile applications to streamline processes which make us extremely efficient and able to keep pace with the ever changing demands of the event marketing industry.

Transparency: This is not just a buzzword – it’s a core principle at Adelante Live. We believe in being completely transparent with our talent and clients. Whether it is giving our talent the ability to locate event and payment information 24/7 or allowing our clients complete access to talent profiles so they can select their brand ambassadors, we understand and appreciate the need for open and honest communication in all facets of our business.

Effectively Promote: From casting to training through execution, our #1 goal is to match the most qualified and effective talent to the promotion or event. We ensure that the talent complements the consumer demographic so that they become a true representative and advocate for the brand. A talent’s communication style, appearance and experience are all factors when determining if they are the best selection for a particular brand and event. After hiring, we work closely with our clients to facilitate training so our talent is prepared prior to arriving on site.