Need more than
Digital & Virtual?

Get ready to take your marketing

Let’s face it. You can only send prospects so many emails ...
... or post to social media so many times. So how can you ensure your marketing message gets heard in all that noise?
How can you stand out from the crowd and connect directly with your audience?
Eventually, “digital fatigue” sets in and people stop paying attention. Because every other business is doing the same thing.

Why Experiential Marketing?

Experiential marketing is all about creating an experience for prospective customers. Not a digital or online experience, but a live one. At an actual physical location, not a virtual conference hall. With real human beings instead of chatbots.


Consumers have an opportunity to try out your product.




New products, services, & special events.


Your brand and message directly to your target audience.


Existing customers.


An enjoyable experience that is not only seen with the eyes and heard with the ears but felt with the heart.

Staff Testimonials

Why Adelante Live?

Here at Adelante Live (ALI), we pride ourselves on putting your needs first. That’s why everything we do to create the ultimate live experience for you, your customers, and those you want to be your customers revolves around


Adelante Live & Filippo Barrio
Adelante Live & Filippo Barrio

1. Knowledge

ALI has been making clients happy nationwide as an experiential marketing agency since 2004. That decade and a half of experience means we understand the event marketing field better than most, and from all sides--client, agency, and talent.

We're more than just an agency that can hold and staff live events. We can also help you with critical elements like scouting locations, venue contracting, securing promotional representatives, promotional product development, and even ROI analysis.

2. Specialization

Other agencies may offer experiential marketing as one small part of what they do. But here at ALI, live marketing for promotions, events, and trade shows is all we do. This focus on experiential enables us to remain undistracted, to stay up to date with the latest trends and best practices, and to offer you, the client, the best experience possible.

3. Technology

We at ALI believe our greatest resource is people--you, our staff, the consumers, and the talent we supply for your events. But we also understand the power of technology. This is why we’ve developed our own web-based staffing and management solution to supplement and support your end-to-end experience with us.

The A·Live Apex is proprietary software that allows you, the client, to be an integral part of the talent hiring process. It also utilizes online reporting capabilities that provide “real time” program status. We think you’ll be amazed at the difference this software makes when scheduling and tracking your events with us.

4. Accountability

Last but certainly not least, we here at ALI pride ourselves on putting your needs first. But what does that mean exactly? It means personalized service. When you deal with somebody at ALI, they will know who you are, and they won’t rest until you’re satisfied. It means you can reach us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It means we are absolutely committed not only to the successful execution of your event, but to making it even better than you had hoped. In short, we’re not happy unless you’re happy.

Ready to learn more?

Client Testimonials

David Simons

Sr. Program Manager – Partner Communication and Advocacy at Amazon

Formerly Marketing Manager position at Bright House Sports Network.

Through our work with Adelante Live over the years we have built a dedicated and consistent staff that is knowledgeable about our brand and how our events operate. By not having to constantly train new brand ambassadors we are able to refine our marketing events and focus instead on the quality of our marketing and editorial content in the field.

Debby Clues Testimonial

Debra S. Clues

Community Relations Manager, Charter Communications

We have worked with their representatives in both a supervised and unsupervised capacity and have been equally pleased. Adelante Live has gone above our expectations by securing staff for us with very short notice. Unlike some other companies I worked with, I have never been unhappy with the service provided by Adelante Live.

Fallon Flynn

Fratelli Branca Portfolio Manager

The most significant improvements since switching to Adelante are quality of talent and unlimited customization. Their team is on point!

W2 Employees &
Peace of Mind

Best Experiential Marketing
L'Oreal Paris & Adelante Live Experiential Marketing

Ready to learn more about our event staffing services?

NO 1099

If you’ve had a reason to work with staffing agencies in the past, you may already be aware of the pitfalls of dealing with agencies who use 1099 independent contractors: unreliable, undermotivated staff that changes regularly.

PEACE of mind

At Adelante Live, our promotional teams are W2 Variable Hour Employees. This means our talent is paid more quickly than a 1099 contractor and is fully covered by workers compensation insurance. This gives you the client peace of mind, knowing our loyal talent is motivated to work harder, smarter, and more reliably for you.


With ALI as your partner, you’ll be able to focus on the success of your event, and leave critical staffing issues like hiring, management and liability concerns to us.

Payroll solutions

In addition to our robust workers compensation policy, you can rest in the knowledge that ALI handles all payroll, federal, state and local taxes, and any overtime compliance.


Last but not least, we carry an above industry average general liability policy. That means we have the ability to customize additional insurance coverage as needed to meet the ever changing needs of the event marketing industry.