6 Reasons Why You Need to Hire Professional Tradeshow Talent

Tradeshow Talent -Adelante Live Why you should hire tradeshow talent at your next show or expo.

We know from over 10 years experience that tradeshows require a significant investment of time and money and that professional tradeshow talent can help maximize that investment. For those companies who think that bringing just one extra person from the office to the show is the best use of their resources, we offer the following 6 reasons to consider hiring professional tradeshow talent.

1. Draw Attention and Traffic to Your Booth

Tradeshow hostesses who have a uniform and branded look can be very eye-catching and bring additional traffic to your booth. Although we are moving away from the term “booth babe” we do know that an attractive, outgoing and well-spoken hostess can bring more attention to your booth and therefore more visitors. Wardrobe choices for the talent can also make a big impact and should be integrated with the overall branding and design of the exhibit.

2. Don’t Let a Lead Get Away! 

A tradeshow hostess will likely be the first person to interact with an attendee who enters your booth space. They can easily determine, based on their knowledge of your company and specific criteria you have developed regarding leads, what type of client or company representative you consider a “hot lead”.  An experienced hostess can then turn over the leads to your sales staff or politely converse and collect information with those who may not be a top priority at that time. This is a valuable function that tradeshow hostesses provide that saves your sales people’s time and energy throughout a long tradeshow.

3. Free up your Salespeople to Meet with Clients and Prospects

Another reason you attend a tradeshow is to meet with existing clients, catch up with industry colleagues and hold sales presentations with prospects. Any of these activities may require an off-site meeting but you can’t leave your booth unmanned. Experienced tradeshow talent can manage the booth and traffic and make sure there is always a responsible party on site. They can continue to scan badges, collect business cards, and distribute collateral even if many of the sales staff have to leave for any reason.

4. Run Demos and Presentations with Professional Narrators

Have you considered adding a presentation or interactive product demonstration as part of your tradeshow interaction? Although your first thought may be to have your head salesperson make the presentation, please consider an experienced narrator who has acting and ear prompter experience. An experienced narrator’s ability to improvise and control the pace of the presentation is key to relating to the much larger audience present at tradeshows. Also, booth hostesses can also act as crowd gatherers and walk out into the show to invite attendees to the next presentation. This will bring a larger audience to the presentation and therefore a bigger crowd to your booth – and that’s what you want… traffic!

5. Let Tradeshow Talent Entertain Casual Visitors to Your Booth

Let’s face it, there are tradeshow attendees that just go around booth to booth to pick up free stuff. With all the pens and tote bags you can really score big at a tradeshow! Let experienced hostesses greet and mingle with those attendees while your sales team focuses on legitimate leads for your product or service. With just a little extra attention that a tradeshow hostess can provide, all visitors to your booth will feel welcomed and leave with a positive impression of your company .

6. Save Money on Travel for Additional Staff with Locally-Based Talent

Why pay for airfare, hotel, and per diem for a member of your team to come to the show just because you could use an extra “pair of hands” on site? If you need assistance with greeting attendees, scanning badges, and filling brochure bins, it may be more economical to hire an experienced booth hostess to fulfill those duties. Locally-based talent can provide those services plus so much more at a reasonable day or hourly rate that will work within your budget. Hire an experienced tradeshow talent who will be energetic and 100% focused on the success of your show!


Janice Rodriguez is the President and Agency Director of Adelante Live. Please follow her on Twitter @jvrodrig1029 or on Google+. You can view her full bio here. She’s worked over 100 tradeshows as a booth hostess, crowd gatherer, product specialist and narrator. As a talent agent, she has booked hundreds of tradeshow talent for a variety of tradeshows, expos, and conferences.

Keep Your Feet and Legs in Standing Order

In an industry where looks matter, most of us take great care of our appearance. Facials, teeth whitening, visits to the dermatologists and make up counter, are often standard.  Good looks will definitely get you promotional jobs but being able to stand on your feet all day at a tradeshow while maintaining a smile or walk many blocks giving away samples without complaint is what ensures that a job has been done well.  Achy lower backs and swollen feet can quickly turn a fun job into a miserable one.  Feet and knees are similar to our faces in that they benefit from preventative care.  We ladies are encouraged to use eye cream well before that tender under eye starts wrinkling, likewise we should take care with our feet before they give us problems.

Unless you want to be banished to a cubicle and a 9 to 5 job, in order to work promotions and events, it is imperative that you can stand for long hours with ease whether you are 22, 32 or 42. Below are my top tips for enduring long stretches on your feet.

1. Flat shoes feel good but may not be so good.

According to Dr. Oz and most podiatrists, shoes should have a heel of at least 1”. Not all flats are made the same. Flats are typically thought to be more comfortable than heels, however very flat shoes are bad for your arches and knees. If you are flat footed, flat shoes will be very comfortable however wearing them constantly will take its toll on your lower back, ankles, and knees. Also your arches may become even flatter. If you have high arches the lack of arch support can cause too much strain on the rest of your foot.  It is best to find flat shoes that have at least some arch support in the shoe. These are usually more expensive than other flat shoes but well worth the additional money.

Also, inexpensive arch supports may be found at the drugstore, making it easy to make any shoe more supportive. I especially recommend adding arch support inserts if a promotion uniform consists of Converse All Star shoes.  I love their classic All-American look but they offer no arch or heel support nor any shock absorbency.  I recently worked an outdoor event and it was a little chilly for the end of September. The first day I wore extremely comfortable ballet flats that provided little arch support; my colleague wore Converse All Stars. By the end of the day both of us were absolutely freezing even though it wasn’t that cold out and my knees hurt. Why?  Because our thin, flat, shoes provided no buffer from the cold that was leaching up through the concrete. The next day I wore my Dansko Mary Jane flats. Though also flat, they provided a thick layer of rubber on the soles, along with arch support which prevented the cold from permeating my shoes and feet.

2. Compression hosiery and socks are worth the expense.

Wearing compression hosiery has been the norm for flight attendants and nurses for years but I know very few promotional models who wear them. They can make a huge difference in how your legs feel after a long day on your feet.  Compression stockings are tightest at the ankles and gradually become less constrictive towards the knees and thighs. This causes more blood to return to the heart and prevents blood from pooling in the feet. Increased circulation also helps prevent legs from feeling achy, tired and swollen.

3. Epsom salt soaks are inexpensive and effective.

Grandmas have long recommended Epsom salts as a remedy for all sorts of ails.   Its chemical makeup, magnesium sulfate, is perfect for soaking in since it is easily absorbed through the skin. While soaking in an Epsom salt bath, magnesium ions are absorbed by the body.  Those ions interfere with the nervous systems pain receptors.  The salts help not only to mask the pain but also reduce pains by: relaxing muscles, drawing toxins out of the body and reducing swelling.  Best of all it cost less than a Starbucks coffee: a pound of Epsom salts can typically be found at any drug store for less than $2.50.

 4. Elevate those legs.

Elevating legs for twenty minutes after a long shift can aid in lower limb circulation and help reduce swelling. Plus you’ve been working all day; you deserve to put your feet up.

While none of these steps may be necessary for a short promotion, they make a world of difference if you are booked for a ten day tradeshow or week long street team promotion. Take care of yourself and your feet!

Shalina Rankin, brand ambassador, guest blogger Shalina Rankin, writer, trade show host, event and marketing specialist and owner of Baubles At Your Feet  may be contacted at  ShalinaPresents@facebook.com for opportunities, comments and topic suggestions.

In Defense of Booth Babes

Recently one of my LinkedIn Groups had a lively discussion under the thread, “Is it Finally Time to Ban the Booth Babe?”. Well that’s harsh I thought. For one, I can think of a better name than the derogatory “booth babe”.  Booth Hostess, Tradeshow Host, Product Specialist, Narrator, perhaps? All are roles commonly found on the tradeshow floor.  All serve their purpose so why would anyone want to ban them?!

“Babe” of course denotes someone, usually: female, very attractive, and fairly young who has been planted on the tradeshow floor with no knowledge of the industry and whose sole purpose is to attract visitors by being… attractive.  It also infers that being a booth babe requires no particular skill set.  While most clients and visitors would readily agree that a Product Specialist, a person who has been thoroughly trained on a line of products and can answer most prospective customers’ questions with a degree of confidence and certitude, are valuable. They, much like a Narrator who can flawlessly deliver a marketing presentation to an audience from memory or an ear prompter, are typically very well compensated.  However some may balk at the high rates a so called “booth babe” also receives.

However the “booth babe” also earns her keep.  She stands all day in in high heels on thinly carpeted concrete tradeshow floor with a smile that rarely ever falters. She deftly and graciously deflects unwanted romantic advances from visitors.  If it is a selling tradeshow floor she democratically passes off qualified prospects to the sales team making sure leads are evenly distributed as not to sow discord among the sales team.  She seamlessly blends in with the full time staff.  If they are gregarious, outgoing and aggressive when pursuing sales lead she follows suit. If they adopt a reserved non-selling tone she adapts accordingly. She is engaging and entertaining, facilitating conversation with potential customers while making sure not to be drawn into too long of a conversation so as not to ignore others who may have a question.  In short “Booth Babes” should not be banned; they should be appreciated.*


*Clearly I am biased as I spent many years on tradeshow floors as a Product Specialist, Narrator and so called “Booth Babe”


Shalina Rankin      Shalina Rankin, writer, trade show host, event and marketing specialist and owner of Baubles At Your Feet  may be contacted at  ShalinaPresents@facebook.com for opportunities, comments and topic suggestions.


Working with ALI

Experiential marketing is part of a multi-billion industry that is responsible for creating an Adelante Live Inc. Events and Promotionsexperience where the result is an emotional connection to a person, brand, product or idea. The industry needs dedicated product ambassadors to represent their brand and create those necessary connections with consumers.

Types of Experiential Marketing Activations:

  • On Premise Beer, Wine and Spirits Promotions
  • Off Premise Beer, Wine and Spirits Promotions
  • Sport Event Sponsorship Activations
  • Fairs and Festival Sponsorship Activations
  • Street Teams and Guerilla Marketing
  • Retail Promotions and Demonstrations
  • Tradeshows and Conferences
  • VIP and Special Events
  • Charity Events


Types of Event Staffing Positions:

We provide a variety of talent to represent some of the world’s best known brands.

Brand Ambassadors

Brand Ambassadors (BA’s) are the face of the brand and are responsible for distributing samples/premiums, delivering the brand message, generating leads, and interacting with consumers. BA’s have strong customer service and sales skills and truly act as a brand advocate.

Beer, Wine and Spirits Brand Ambassadors

Would you like to represent beer, wine and spirits brands for on and off premise promotions?  We are always looking for outgoing and professional talent that can promote and drive trial and sales of internationally known brands at liquor and grocery stores as well as in the nightlife environment.

Promotion/Event Managers

Promotion and event managers have hands-on promotions experience in addition to high-level managerial and communication skills. Your job as a manager is to lead and motivate the promo team, act as a project manager, communicate with the client and agency and interact with venue management. You must meet challenges head on and do what it takes to achieve program goals. You are a critical part of the success of the event.

Street Team Talent

Street team talent are in one word – fearless! You must be energetic, fit and able to approach strangers on the street level to distribute flyers, pass out samples or hold signs for a grand opening, major sale, or to drive traffic to the promotion footprint stationed nearby. As a street team promoter, you make an instant impact consumers walking or driving by the area.

Tradeshow Talent

Almost every industry from industrial supplies to pharmaceuticals has multiple tradeshows and conferences throughout the year as a forum for sales and industry related education. Adelante Live, Inc. needs tradeshow booth hostesses, narrators, crowd gatherers, and sales specialists to represent companies and brands in the tradeshow environment. Previous experience in a professional work environment and sales skills will make you an asset to a company looking for a tradeshow representative.

Retail Demonstrators

In-store retail demonstrators work inside big box retailers and liquor, convenience or grocery stores to promote major consumer brands at the point of purchase. Demo talent act as the brands’ live salespeople and are able to educate consumers while encouraging product purchase. If you are an outgoing self-starter who can work independently, you can be a successful demonstrator.

Mobile Tour Managers and Staff

Mobile tour managers and staff are contracted to go on “tour” to various stops across a specific region or even nationwide promoting the brand. Do you have additional driving certifications such as CDLs? Are you ok with not having the creature comforts of home?  Do you love to travel to new places (but spend so much time working you don’t really get to see anything)? Working on a mobile tour is hard work but it definitely gives you a different perspective of the experiential marketing industry and is a great resume builder.

Event Production Staff

Event production staff works the setup, maintenance and tear down of an event. Do you have special technical skills in lighting or sound? Or you a strong guy who can work as labor help for tent set up or to load and unload premiums from a truck? We are always looking for professional talent who can work independently and as a team to provide these crucial event services.

Performance/Interactive Talent

Are you a dancer, body painter, musician or juggler? If you are or have any other special performance talent, you can be hired by our clients to provide entertainment at their next event or promotion. Interactive talent engages consumers and brings the brand to life through a unique performance.

Hairstylists/Makeup Artists

The beauty and cosmetics industry was responsible for close to $37 billion dollars in sales in 2011. If you are an experienced and professional hairstylist, makeup artist or licensed cosmetologists or esthetician, we want you to represent top skincare, hair care, or cosmetic brand at upcoming events. You may be hired to give consumers mini-makeovers or facials onsite or act as a brand representative by educating consumers on the best beauty products for their particular needs.

Bilingual/Multilingual Talent

In today’s international economy, it is critical for brands to develop multicultural promotional programs and to have product representatives who can speak the native language. If you speak another language fluently, you will have access to additional opportunities. We have previously booked talent who fluently speak such languages as Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, Russian, Polish, Japanese and Mandarin, just to name a few.

LGBT Talent

An often overlooked segment for many brands is the LGBT market. The buying power of the LGBT community is said to be well over $790 billion. Brand are always looking for  ambassadors who identify as LGBT or gay friendly and have experience working at LGBT events and nightlife venues.


Event spokesmodels act as the face and voice of your brand. Do you have professional acting, ear prompter or comedy experience or training?  Professional speakers with acting and performance experience that deliver the brand message at live events, promotions or tradeshows are always in high demand.