6 Must Haves for Off Premise Promotions

Tools of the Trade Promo Talent Need for Off Premise Success

Off premise promotions are wine, spirit or beer promotions that happen at retail locations such as grocery stores, liquor stores or big box retailers. The term off premise literally means that the product purchased will be consumed off of the premises such as at home.

According to recent numbers, 53% of total U.S beverage alcohol dollar sales take place in the off premise environment meaning 47% happen on premise (bars, nightclubs, restaurants etc.).

As brands continue to try to increase market share and grab consumers’ attention at the point of sale, in store promotions and samplings have increased. As a promotional talent, you will be responsible for being the “face of the brand” and educate consumers on the benefits of the brand you are representing.

In order to be a successful off premise brand ambassador, you must have the following 6 items.


1) Table and Black Table Cloth
Adelante Live Wine DemoThe sampling table cannot be too big because of the size of the store and where you may be placed. The ideal size is rectangular (not square) and 48″ wide x 28″ high x 20″ deep . I highly recommend the Cosco brand version that can be found at Walmart or online at multiple stores. It’s lightweight, fits in the back seat of your car and easy to assemble.

This table looks 1000% times better with a black table cloth. A black table cloth makes any table look better and hides spills. Find a black table cloth for the table above here.


2) Non Branded Ice Bucket
If you are required to put bottles on ice or need to provide clean ice for a cocktail or liquor sample, you’ll need a non-branded (plain/no logos) ice bucket for your table unless one is being provided for you. If you are sampling a cocktail or liquor that can be poured on the rocks, make sure you also have a pair of tongs so no hands are touching the ice. Check out a few options that are under $25 here.

3) Sampling Cups
Promotional talent are expected to provide their own sample cups. Cups shouldn’t be any larger than 3 oz and most samples you pour should be closer to 1 oz.  However you may need the larger cup for a sparkling wine, beer or cocktail with ice. If you aren’t provided with branded cups these are nice cups to consider. Stick with clear plastic, no paper and no colors.

4) Bottle opener/Corkscrew
When you are a promoting a brand in a retail environment, you are always a guest in their store. So it’s important that you bring everything you need including your own wine and beer bottle opener as to not be too demanding of the store staff. This is a great 2 in 1 opener that should be part of your off premise promo kit.

5) Brand Information

You must review all brand information in advance. This may be brand sell sheets, a training manual provided by the client or your agency or a website. It is very important that you know the brand history and tasting notes for the product you are sampling. Also remember if you do not know the answer to a consumer question, never make up an answer. Kindly say you are unsure but that you are willing to find out. If you can consult the training manual or website, great. Otherwise please let your agency know so they can inform you of the answer so you will know for the next time. Make sure you know:

  • Brand name and parent company
  • Flavors/varietals/versions etc. it is offered in
  • Where the company is from country, when it was founded etc.
  • Basic “How it’s Made” Information
  • Tasting notes and make sure you can describe the key selling points

6) Clear directions on Execution/Recap

Please follow your agency’s directions carefully. There may be specific check in processes, photo instructions or recap instructions. Contact your agency if you have any questions before you arrive at the location. Please note when executing on behalf of one of Adelante Live’s clients, you may have submit your recap online, on paper or a combination of both. Also if you have any issues or questions on site, it is best to contact your agency as well as quickly as possible.

Remember, in the off premise environment your number one goal is to SELL!! Make sure you are up to date on the specials or sales the stores may be running on your brand. Also it’s an absolute must to have product handy so you can give one to the consumer right after they sample. Follow these steps and have these items on hand and you will be on your way to being a successful (and busy) off premise brand ambassador!


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Janice Rodriguez is the President and Agency Director of Adelante Live Inc. and is excited to book awesome talent on our upcoming off premise demos! Please follow her on Twitter @jvrodrig1029 or on Google+. You can view her full bio here.