Makeup Dos and Don’ts for Your Profile Photos

Makeup Tips and Tricks to Use When Shooting A New Profile Pic

Now that you have the right wardrobe, you want make sure that you have the right makeup. Here are some easy to follow makeup guidelines that can either break or make the look.

*Remember that you want “natural-looking” makeup, but that doesn’t necessarily mean light makeup.



Blog Make Up Face

  • Make sure that the foundation you’re using is the closest color match to your face, neck and chest area.
  • Liquid foundation is best. If you can use an oil-free matte formula, it looks the best in photographs. Avoid “sheer” aka BB cream or light coverage formulas and powder/compact foundations, which all don’t give the right amount of coverage.
  • Don’t be afraid to use a matte powder to set the look at the end and to do touch ups to keep from looking too shiny
  • No shimmer or glitter!!!







  • Blog Make Up Eye.pngWax or pluck your eyebrows a few days before the shoot so that it’s not red or irritated the day of
  • Fill in your brows so there are no patchy spots and its dark, even in natural light
  • Wear a darker shade of mascara or false lashes to accent your eyes






  • Blog Make Up CheeksUse a blush color that is one shade darker than the color you normally wear and make sure that there is no distinct line of where the blush ends.










  • Blog Make Up PaletteUsing the chart, the color of the lips should be one shade darker than the best look in person. The lips should be shifted in the direction of darker red.
  • Also, lip gloss is often effective in making the lips fuller.






When in doubt and if you’re investing in professional photos, we highly recommend that you source a professional and experienced makeup artist

If you still don’t have the perfect wardrobe for your portfolio picture, check out our post here.


Lucy Fang smallLucy Fang started her career in the world of modeling in high school with commercial, print and runway work in Florida. After graduating with a B.A. in communications, she discovered the excitement of promotional modeling and worked with a variety of international brands. Her years of modeling give her a unique perspective of  the hair and make up needs for headshot and profile photos. 

The Do’s and Don’ts Of What To Wear In Your Talent Profile Photos

Shooting photos with a Professional or DIY? You need to make sure you have the right wardrobe!

Clients ask two critical questions prior to selecting a brand ambassador: Do they have the skills for the job and are they suitable for the company which really means do they represent the brand? Making sure your profile photos are perfect is critical to getting booked for these brand ambassador opportunities.

*Remember the wardrobe is a costume. The clothing is meant to make the character i.e. “attractive, real person” convincing. When selecting wardrobe for profile photos, think words like professional and polished.

Let’s face it – if someone looks at your photos and comments on the outfit – you have failed.

Your profile photos are designed to sell you – not the clothing or the jewelry, and definitely not the makeup or photographer’s creativity.

Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts to keep in mind when selecting wardrobe for photos.

Do– Pick Solid colors.

Don’t– Pick floral prints or patterns. They can be too distracting.

Wardrobe Blog Image 1

Do– Make sure the clothing fits properly.

Don’t– Wear clothing that’s so tight that it looks like you might be going out for night on the town.

Wardrobe Blog Image 2


Do – Classy or timeless outfits aka J Crew or Banana Republic

Don’t – Trendy or fashion oriented outfits i.e. Forever 21

Wardrobe Blog Image 3

Do – Have a good mix of colors and styles.

Don’t– Have photos of you wearing only one color. Give your agency some selection on what might help sell you better.

Wardrobe Blog Image 4

Do– Have nicely groomed nails

Don’t– Have  attention-getting jewelry! Less is more.

Wardrobe Blog Image 5

If in doubt, ask your staffing agent what types of photos they are looking for and they will be happy to give you pointers and suggestions. It’s typical for talent to have a variety of photos in their talent profile so their agency can book them for different types of clients who may be looking for different talent characteristics. Remember that it’s in your agencies’ best interest to have great photos of you. It’s like the old Vidal Sassoon saying, “If you don’t look good, we don’t look good.”



Lucy Fang smallLucy Fang started her career in the world of modeling in high school with commercial, print and runway work in Florida. After graduating with a B.A. in communications, she discovered the excitement of promotional modeling and worked with a variety of international brands. With a solid 5 years of promotional selling, she went to work  behind the scenes as a booking agent. It was there where she learned the secrets of why models did or didn’t get booked and what agents were really looking for. Moving to Chicago, she continued to model but also focused on using her degree and her experience with social media to help build her clients’ presence on the web.

7 Tips for Better Promo Agency Profile Photos

Follow these tips before you submit your photo for an upcoming promo event.

Good Promo Profile Photo - Adelante LiveAlthough most clients and agencies in the industry seem to prefer talent with  professional photos, we are receiving more and more requests to also see natural looking snapshots of talent. Going the do-it-yourself route? Please follow these guidelines when taking photos for your promotional profile.

Well lit, natural light is best

Go outside! Photos that are taken indoors without a professional flash usually don’t look good. Head outside to use the natural light. The colors of your photo will look richer. Also photos that are too bright can be adjusted more easily than making a dark photo lighter.

Be solo- don’t crop yourself out of larger photo

Clients want to see a clear photo of just you. They don’t want to see a thin cropped photo with a random arm or a part of someone’s face in the photo. And they (and your agencies) definitely don’t want to see a group photo and then try to figure out who you are. But please- no ‘selfies’ while you are staring at yourself in the mirror or your holding the camera out in front of your face. Use those photos for Facebook (if you must)- not to submit for promotional opportunities. Ask a friend or family member to take some photos of you when you are by yourself.

Make sure you look like your photo

Keep your photos updated with your agency. If your hair looks completely different, the photo is more than a year old or your look has changed in any other way, you must update your photos. Remember, your look is important because you may have been selected because you are the same demographic as the brand’s consumer or otherwise represent the brand you are promoting. Don’t put yourself or your agency in the position where you may be released from the promo because you don’t look like your photos.

Take close up and full length shots

Always submit a full length or 3/4 quarter length shot as well as a more tightly cropped shoulders up headshot when you apply for promotions. Clients want to see your figure, complexion and smile. Take a variety of photos both close up and further back. Remember what you are applying for! If it is a beauty client, they want to see how you wear your makeup and how your skin looks. A fitness or health client will want to see your athletic build. Make sure to have a variety of current photos that can fit a wide range of promotional opportunities.

No drinking, cigarettes, children, or wedding photos

Your agency cannot send the client a photo of you in a wedding dress, an Olan Mills family portrait or that one when you are dancing on a table at the club holding a champagne bottle. The same goes for photos in Halloween costumes. We need to see what you look like every day. We want you to look your best but we want you to look like you will look at the promotion!

Use a real digital camera, no camera phones

Although camera phones have come along way in the past few years, the pixel count of a hand held digital camera is usually higher than a phone. Also the lens and flash are much better on a camera than a phone. The higher the pixel count and the better the lens and flash all lead to a higher quality photo.

Invest in a professional headshot

Although clients are asking to see natural non professional shots, they do prefer talent with professional photos. We see that the talent who do have a professional headshot, are more likely to be selected by the client. Professional photos just look better. Also when you makes that investment, it shows that you’re serious about your promotional career and are willing to take that extra step to get booked. With the digital photography age, there are many affordable options for a nice professional photo. Keep it simple with natural looking hair and make up and nice catalog style type of clothing (think J. Crew). Professional photos will open the door to additional types of work such as auto show or other tradeshows.

Talent often ask me how they can get booked more. My #1 recommendation is to have better photos. You will see your opportunities increase when you have a clear and polished professional looking photo. Use the tips above to take the photos yourself or take a moment to research professional photographers in your area who can be of service.

Janice Rodriguez is the President and Agency Director of Adelante Live. Please follow her on Twitter @jvrodrig1029 or on Google+. You can view her full bio here. As a commercial print agent at at Ford Models in Chicago, she selected model’s photos for both their comp cards and portfolios. She’s also an amateur photographer and just knows what is a good (or not good) photo.