Event Technology

The A·Live Apex® – The Adelante Live Difference

As a client of Adelante Live, Inc. you are granted access to the client side of the A·Live Apex®  – our proprietary customized web-based application which allows complete online event scheduling coordination and event reporting capabilities. With unique interfaces for our talent in the field (A·Live Agenda) and our clients (A·Live Access), we are at the forefront of promotional staffing with cutting-edge technology.

Adelante Live Event Technology

We have developed multiple facets of our web based platform to meet the needs of our clients and our talent.

A·Live Agenda®

In addition to full event scheduling, and application and confirmation functions for talent, the A·Live Agenda also provides vital event information to the talent that are working an upcoming event. From the A·Live Agenda, talent can view and download brand and event training manuals, event maps, or photos, and can take pre-screening questionnaires or training quizzes to test their knowledge before they arrive at the event site. We designed the A·Live Agenda to be an information hub for talent so they can have instant access to all critical event information.

A·Live Access®

A·Live Access offers our clients a transparent view of our event staffing and reporting processes. As a client, you have the opportunity to be as involved as you choose in the hiring of event staff.

In addition, A·Live Access® includes:

  • Secure, personalized user logins and event access
  • Enhanced ability to review and approve talent including listing them as backups
  • Ability to rate and leave feedback for talent who have worked an event
  • Access to event reports, data, and photos from any internet connection which can be accessed 24/7

Additional Features

Reporting Capabilities and Event Metrics

We are able to offer our clients access to an online event portal that houses important event data and photos which are inputted by talent in the field. From the portal, clients can create data summaries, view photo slideshows, and download reports, photos and even video of the event. The portal and reports can be completely customizable to meet the needs of the brand and event. As the focus on event ROI continues to be at the forefront with marketers, we can supply critical data that will allow you to measure successes and allocate resources as needed.

Mobile Website for Talent

We have recently developed a mobile website for the A-Live Agenda talent portal that allows our talent to quickly access critical information and applications through their iPhone or Android smartphone. Talent is able to apply, confirm and review event details right at their fingertips. Also, talent are able to check in at the event site through their mobile phone. This investment in a mobile site allows us to communicate vital information to our teams in the field – which is critical to staying ahead of the curve in the ever-changing world of experiential marketing.

Social Media and Talent Database

Social Media is a vital part of the modern day marketing campaign. We can mobilize our large network of followers and event staff to participate in a brand’s social media campaign. Our talent are extremely socially connected and many have higher than average Klout scores. Tap into the desired demographic by hiring our team and field staff to post your promotional content thus increasing the virility of your campaign.

Lead Generation Capabilities (Coming Soon)

We are currently developing a simple but content-rich lead generation software that can be used by our promotional staff on various mobile devices. The industry is demanding the events are measurable and as such results and data must be collected from each promotional activation. The ease of use of handheld devices has been a game changer for the world of experiential marketing . Instant results and information means that the brand can follow up quickly with event attendees and make additional offers or extend the conversation.

Online Order Form

We recently developed an online order form for our clients who have a high quantity of events. Clients can place talent orders and manage their promotions schedule through the A-Live Access portal. Multiple users from one organization can easily enter orders from their mobile device while they are in the field which saves valuable time. Our account management team can follow up quickly with clients and post events from the order form which creates multiple efficiencies in the talent scheduling process.