When Bright House Networks needed a ‘feet on the street’ promotional program to launch their new ‘Hello Friend’ branding to the community, they turned to us to develop and execute an experiential program. We conceived a series of promotional ‘Acts of Friendship’ to build buzz about the new advertising campaign and create goodwill with the consumer base.

The underlying message of our executions was to truly do something nice and unexpected – something a friend would do for you. We interacted with consumers in a variety of settings including on the street in downtown and beach areas to pay for parking meters, in grocery stores to hand out gift cards and at major attractions to pay for admission.

Promotions were executed covertly as brand ambassadors were not aware of the brand they were representing. They were instructed to interact with consumers by saying that the gift was from a ‘friend’. Their t-shirts and collateral piece handouts highlighted the new ‘Hello Friend’ logo and continued to promote the new branding.

Key Stats

  • Multiple markets executed simultaneously in 5 states (FL, MI, AL, CA, and IN) over a 6 week period
  • Over 100 Hello Friend Ambassadors booked across five states
  • Over 34,300 TOTAL brand impressions
  • Over 13,000 TOTAL consumer interactions
  • Bottom line: The Hello Friend program elicited a strong positive reaction to the brand which led consumers who interacted with the promotional teams to tell several people in their circle what happened. This in turn allowed buzz about the promotion and new Hello Friend branding to continue spreading further across the community.