Promotional Talent: 6 Reasons Why You Aren’t Getting Booked

Not Getting Booked? Adelante LiveIncrease your chances of being booked for an event by following these 6 quick and simple steps.

“Why am I not getting booked??”

I hear that question as least once a week.

You believe you are the perfect fit for the position. You have the right look, attitude and personality. Your experience is on par – or even surpasses – what is being requested. And you are available! But yet you still didn’t get booked.

So why is that?

Let’s explore a few reasons, shall we?

1) Your photos are from 1972.

Well, ok, maybe they’re not that old, but nonetheless, you are obviously wearing a style that is outdated. When we see the same photos in your profile for three years, we know it’s time for you to update them. Always make sure that your photos are current. They should show your latest hairstyle, cut, and color, and current shape and size. Often times clients want a conservative look, so if your photos still show the blue-streak phase that you went through two years ago, chances are you won’t get booked. Got those braces off? Great! Now upload a photo showing off your brand new smile. I cannot stress enough how much a good photo lends to your booking strategy!

2) The only experience that you listed is dog sitting for your mom.

I sort through dozens of profiles on a daily basis. And among the criteria that I look for is prior promotional experience. If you have no prior experience listed in your profile, you may get passed over and never get booked. Now, this doesn’t mean that someone new to the promotional business won’t get a shot. I’ve given several newbies a chance to prove themselves – and they’ve now become some of my best “go to” people. However, if you don’t put forth the effort to at least list SOMETHING in the experience section of your profile, why should I call you? If your profile isn’t complete, why would I believe that your event reporting will be complete?

Put forth the effort! Even if you think that your experience isn’t worth listing…LIST IT. We have several sections for different types of work experience from child care to serving.

And if you’re someone who has a ton of varied experience, be sure to list a good well-rounded sampling of your work.

Bottom Line: The more experience listed in your profile, regardless of what it is, the better chance you have of receiving a call for an interview and getting booked.

3) You live near Atlanta but keep applying for positions in Albuquerque.

We know who you are. You live in Georgia. And you apply for everything. Even for events in states that you’ve never visited.

Kudos to you for wanting to explore! I love someone with a traveler’s spirit. However, not when it comes to getting booked for a three-hour promotion.

Please be sure to thoroughly check each listing including the locations. If you are someone who continually applies to events in random cities, we will eventually notice that and it will make us think twice about booking you because we are never really sure where you are, Waldo.

4) Your contact information is incorrect.

Do I really need to expand on this? Update it. Right. Now.

5) “Fashionably late” has no place in promotions.

If you already have a history with us and that history shows multiple late appearances, it will affect your future bookings. And that’s something that everyone should keep in mind when committing to a booking. You are promising us that you will not only show up and do your best, but you will be there on time. Don’t be afraid to ask your agency if your prior experience with them is satisfactory. We are very honest with our talent. If I see a prior issue in a profile, chances are I will ask you about it during our interview.

6) No call, No show, No way!

Before you decide to “no show” to your next confirmed booking, you may want to stop and think about the ramifications. If you take anything away from this blog, let it be this point:


I do not take no calls/no shows lightly (or personally). However, it serves as a grave injustice to our client. And that is something that I do not tolerate.

Mind you, I’m not generalizing cancellations here. Things happen. Family emergencies, traffic accidents, illness…we all have things that come up at the last minute that are out of our control. But should the need arise for you to cancel, please have the professionalism to call your account manager at your agency and notify them of the situation.

A no call/no show will likely lead to dismissal from our agency – and none of us want that. We place a tremendous value on you, our talent. Without you, there would be no us. Please show us that same courtesy.

Do it Today!

Following these six simple guidelines could help you get your foot in the door, set you up for an interview, and finally get booked! So take the time NOW, get out there and land that event you’ve been applying for!

Don’t hesitate – head over to and log in to your A-Live Agenda profile now. Update your photos, your prior event history, and your current metro so you will show up in our searches and be emailed the right opportunities.

If you’re new to us, please visit to set up your new profile using the tips listed above!

Adelante Live - Account Manager - Lisa Marino - ThumbnailLisa Marino is an account manager with Adelante Live Inc. To learn more about Lisa, please read her full bio here. When she’s not scheduling promotional talent for ALI, she can be found singing along with Air Supply at their concert. (Seriously.)

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