Experiential Marketing

Learn More about What Experiential Marketing Can Do For Your BrandAdelante Live Inc.

What is Experiential Marketing?

Experiential marketing directly connects the consumer to your product or service through innovative and fun live events. Your brand and message are delivered directly into the hands of your target market as Adelante Live helps you create an experience that is not only seen and heard, but also emotionally felt. Use experiential marketing to promote new products, advertise special events, increase customer satisfaction, and engage and retain consumers.

Why Use Experiential Marketing?

Our live events are not always about the sale, but rather, afford the consumer the opportunity to try out a product. This type of interaction with your brand increases the chance of making that final sale! It gets your brand out there – your name, product, service, and message are prominently displayed. Consumers see your brand on promotional materials such as flyers or coupons, on branded uniforms worn by our talent, on bags used to carry your product samples, and on signage at the display area…just to name a few!

Experiential Marketing Works

According to a study released in January 2012 by the Event Marketing Institute (EMI), event marketing is dominating a larger portion of campaign budgets…and producing bigger results!

The effectiveness of event marketing is staggering:

  • 95% of consumer respondents stated that participating in a recent event made them more inclined to purchase the products being promoted.
  • 71% percent of consumers felt more positive about the company, brand or product following their event experience.
  • 58% of consumers said they purchased the product or service after the event.
  • 86% said they subsequently became a regular customer.
  • Brands are expecting their event and experiential marketing budgets to grow by almost 8% in 2012.
  • 84% of brand-side survey respondents say that events and experiential marketing are considered “very important/critical” or “important” by their organizations, including senior management.

Our Experiential Marketing Services

Use a combination of our services below to plan and execute your next experiential program.

Concept Development:

Adelante Live Inc. works in tandem with your marketing communications, advertising or public relations agency to develop an experiential marketing program that will achieve activation goals. We also work directly with our brand client to identify the best promotional opportunities and to set measurable benchmarks from which our activation goals will be based. Creativity. Experience. Success that can be measured. Those are the foundations of our development process.

Event and Promotion Research and Planning:

After the initial concept development phase, the hard work begins. Adelante Live offers a comprehensive list of services to ensure that your event is a success. We can provide location and market research and scouting, permit application services, venue research and contracting, and entertainment and vendor booking and contracting.

Event and Promotional Talent:

Finding the right talent to deliver your message and staff your event is a crucial part of an experiential marketing campaign. Hire us to recruit, schedule and train talent who meet the demographic and psychographic casting requirements of your event and brand. Learn more here.

Premium Sourcing:

Premiums and branded takeaways are an extremely important part of your promotion or event. Use our services to concept and design a unique premium for your brand. The consumer can leave your event with a branded piece that they use again and again which reinforces your brand and also reminds them of the great time they had interacting with your brand.

Event Measurement:

Adelante Live, Inc. knows that ROI is more than a buzz word for our clients. We specifically build measurable components into our programs to track vital stats such as redemption rates, attendance, premium distribution, survey results, and lead generation. Our online reporting system allows field staff to constantly update the progress of the event, and allows us and our clients to consistently monitor results and make adjustments as needed in a timely manner.

Secret Shopping/Event Evaluation:

Let us provide real time feedback of your event. Our trained team of event shoppers can monitor your event, and provide a detailed report and photos which can be accessed online. Our shoppers can also perform on the spot re-training to ensure that event staff are delivering the brand message. Also they can make any adjustments to the event footprint so that the layout meets client specifications.

Event Production Services:

Use our event production services to create your event from the ground up or use our services a la carte. We can coordinate the entire event from lights/sound to catering to entertainment. Most importantly we will make sure that your brand is the focus of the event and a cohesive message is being delivered.