Talent Spotlight

Adelante Live’s Best Brand Ambassadors

Adelante Live’s brand ambassadors are known for their reliability, hard work, and having the right look and attitude for the brand they are representing. Our success is a direct result of the performance of our staff on the thousands of promotions we have booked over the past 10 years. We’re taking this moment to recognize our top talent. They have time and time again performed above and beyond expectations and have been given the highest compliments from our clients.

Natalia H.

Natalia is a client requested promotional talent who brings energy and enthusiasm to every event and promotion she executes.

How did you get started in the experiential marketing industry?
As I was regularly going for auditions in the acting and modeling world, a friend who was involved within the experiential marketing industry suggested that it would be something I'd enjoy, and it would help support my career. She talked about how she enjoyed interacting with different people at each event, and then exposing and educating them. I quickly realized I enjoyed the projects I was involved in, and the flexibility of the schedules. I began to pursue as much work as possible, which helped me develop tremendously within the industry and take on some more senior roles.

After a long week of promotions, how do you unwind and recharge?
I am usually running errands or catching up with friends and family. On a good day, I'll go to Stone Mountain or relax by the lake and grill out. In the evening I'm out catching live music around the city, I can often be found at Eddie's Attic.

What advice would you give to a new brand ambassador?
As a new brand ambassador, the first impression to the client or customer is crucial. Be punctual and enthusiastic, look your best, always complete your reports in the timely manner. Last but not least, educate yourself thoroughly about the product. Your energy and knowledge of the product is paramount in preparing a customer to make an informed decision about using/buying the product in the future. Never be afraid to ask questions to the client during training.

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