Talent Spotlight

Adelante Live’s Best Brand Ambassadors

Adelante Live’s brand ambassadors are known for their reliability, hard work, and having the right look and attitude for the brand they are representing. Our success is a direct result of the performance of our staff on the thousands of promotions we have booked over the past 10 years. We’re taking this moment to recognize our top talent. They have time and time again performed above and beyond expectations and have been given the highest compliments from our clients.

Nichole P.

Nichole represents a variety of brands at promotions and events in South Florida. She's a sales oriented professional and client requested to promote brands at liquor demos at the Miami International Airport.

How do you prepare before each promotion?
There are lot of ways I prepare for each promotion, but this one's got to be the most important one in my opinion: I get thoroughly educated and excited about the product or service! I've been in sales and marketing my entire professional life, and I have seen the difference it makes when someone truly (1) understands the benefits/perks of the product or service, and (2) is able to tell the consumer exactly why that product or service is so great. That said, I make sure to bring enthusiasm and education to each promotion.

What advice would you give to a new brand ambassador?
It can take time for a Market Manager to realize you are a star. Hang in there, though, and you could potentially become one of the agency's top-booked brand ambassadors. You can build the perfect case for yourself by executing all your events with extreme professionalism: be prepared, be early, wow the crowd, turn in your reporting on time. Make yourself a favorite.

What do you like best about working promotions?
My favorite part of working promotions is that the work atmosphere and dynamic constantly changes. Each venue has a different demographic, and each brings it's own unique energy to the equation. Particularly in Miami, I interact with people from all over the world - which always keeps things interesting. I never know what to expect!

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