Talent Spotlight

Adelante Live’s Best Brand Ambassadors

Adelante Live’s brand ambassadors are known for their reliability, hard work, and having the right look and attitude for the brand they are representing. Our success is a direct result of the performance of our staff on the thousands of promotions we have booked over the past 10 years. We’re taking this moment to recognize our top talent. They have time and time again performed above and beyond expectations and have been given the highest compliments from our clients.

Ashlea D.

Ashlea is a dedicated and energetic brand ambassador who brings enthusiasm to every event she executes.

How did you get started in the experiential marketing industry?
I actually didn't know anyone in the industry but knew I wanted to be a part of it. I was intrigued by Adelante's website and decided to go for it! I filled out a profile, submitted pictures and applied for a casting and the rest is history. :)

How do you prepare before each promotion?
To prepare for a promotion I like to familiarize myself with the brand as much as possible so I can speak smoothly about it and be able to answer questions comfortably as they come. It makes the promotion a lot more fun and successful when you can freely relay the key speaking points, talk about the brand, and express the reason for the promotion with confidence and energy.

Why do you like working Adelante Live promotions?
That's a great question because the answer is something I've said many times over. I love working on behalf of Adelante Live's clients because my co-promoters are amazing and the clients are always awesome. It's great to work next to smart, energetic, and friendly talent while executing fun activations for awesome brands.

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