How Checkers Reaches their Consumers Where They Work and Play

Since February 2012, Adelante Live, Inc. has executed an extensive Street Team and Brand Ambassador program for the Checkers/Rally’s brand throughout various U.S. cities. These events have included promotions of specific Limited Time Offers (LTOs) on food and beverage items, Grand Openings, and Grand Re-Openings of restaurants across 10 states. Our Street Teams have also been responsible for driving traffic to stores during targeted time frames such as lunchtime or late-night hours.

The right mix of talent, promotional offer, brand training, and promotion location selection have allowed our Checkers/Rally’s Street Teams to grow to a success unseen by other forms of media. And although we can’t reveal the exact ingredients that make these Street Teams so successful, we can show the results of our recipe.

Late Night Promotion – Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Pennsylvania- 2012

During a 7-week program that promoted new late-night hours and a discounted menu during February 2012 and March 2012, our Street Teams had amazing results. Their main goal was to attend to pre-selected events and other heavy populated locations to interact with consumers and remind them that Checkers/Rally’s was the place to eat for Checkers Street Team 2012those late night cravings.

Key Stats:

  • Street Teams hit major events in the urban centers of Tampa, Orlando, Atlanta, New Orleans and Philadelphia for 2.5 weeks each over a 7 week period
  • Over 30 Checkers/Rally Brand Ambassadors booked across the five markets
  • Approximately 100,000 TOTAL brand impressions
  • Approximately 34,700 TOTAL consumer in-depth interactions
  • Over 50,350 Coupons hand delivered to consumers

Bottom line: Being able to personally interact with consumers via street team marketing has increased awareness of the Checkers/Rally’s brand in their respective markets which in turn have increased store visits.


Grand Openings/Re-openings – Florida, Georgia, Ohio, New York – 2013

As Checkers is opening new restaurant locations and remodeling older stores, they have utilized our services to help promote and execute their Grand Openings (GO) events. We provide a combination of Street Teams on the days leading up to the GO, Brand Ambassadors at the event  and  family friendly entertainers such as DJs, face painters, balloon artists, and caricaturists to create buzz and execute a successful and well attended event.

Checkers Grand Opening Events - Adelante Live IncStreet Team members canvass a targeted area around the store’s location with the main goal being to drive traffic to the store and event.  While speaking with consumers in the days leading up to the GO, they distribute coupons for a special offer and generate excitement about the upcoming event and the special entertainment to be provided. The one-on-one contact with consumers creates a personal invitation from Checkers/Rally’s and promotes the specific location.

The locations for the teams to visit are hand selected by Adelante Live, Inc. based on a variety of criteria. Our years of experience providing street teams has allowed us to create a formula by which we schedule and staff street teams to maximize exposure to Checkers Grand Opening Eventconsumers.

The Grand Opening events are continuing through the end of 2013 and have been extremely successful and well attended. Franchise owners have confirmed that coupons distributed as a result of our street team and GO events have a higher redemption rate than other type of coupons. Checkers/Rally’s continues to use our services to promote specific restaurant locations and create life-long fans of the brand.