Why You MUST Use Google+

Google+ Is So Much More Than Another Social Networking Site

On the surface, Google+ looks like just another social media site.

You can build a profile. You can add friends. You can follow people and have them follow you back. You can post “status updates” to your Stream. You can even upload photos and videos, and share links.

But what you probably don’t know is that behind all of the social networking lies a virtual SEO jackpot!

Search Engine Optimization

Type your business name – or even your personal name – into a Google search.

Where do you rank?

If you have to click to Page 2 to find yourself, you’re not doing a very good job with your SEO strategy. And, even if you do show up on the first page, it could be because you are signed into your Google account.

Here’s what that means…

When someone is logged into their Google account and conducts a Google search, the results pull not only from the good ol’ interwebs, but also from your Google+ page and those sites and searches recommended by those in your network on Google+.  So…if your buddy Carl has recommended a web page on Jager Bombs, and you search for “Jager Bombs” on Google, the page that he recommended – good or bad – will make its way to the front page of your search results.

Why Does Google+ Matter?

The more activity that you have on your Google+ page, the more likely it is that your website will be seen by others.

For example, when you set up a Google+ page, others may share the content that you post, “+1” it (recommend it), or comment on it. This activity gives your Google+ page AND your main website (that you will link to your G+ page) a boost in Google’s search engine results.

You’ll see activity grow around your site! And more page visits = more leads and opportunities!

How to Use Google+

Make sure that each of your sites (corporate site, Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) are posted as links on your “About” page in Google+. Then, post new, useful content on your Google+ page on a regular basis. Continue to post content on a regular basis so that others may read, share, and comment on it. Encourage people to “+1” your post to build up interest.

If you can increase your visibility in a Google search by using Google+ on a regular basis, imagine the possibilities! Bringing your name or web page to the top of a search engine results’ page is a monumental WIN for any business or even individual talent looking to make a name for him or herself.

Google+’s SEO capabilities make it very different from other social media platforms. In a world where your search engine ranking can make the difference between making the sale or not, the important role that Google+ plays in your overall social media strategy cannot be ignored. So if you haven’t already, get started today on creating your Google+ page and start adding people and pages to your circles. Most importantly, please add Adelante Live to your circles and let’s stay in touch!

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Adelante Live - Account Manager - Lisa Marino - Thumbnail Lisa Marino is an account manager with Adelante Live Inc. and our Google+ guru. When she’s not hustling for ALI, she can be found doing a mean cover of “Dreams” at a local karaoke night.

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3 Responses to Why You MUST Use Google+

  1. Gabrielle says:

    People don’t realize just how important Google+ is these days!!!! Plus it’s super easy to use. I like it better than facebook.

  2. Filipe says:

    Great posting. I was surprised by how much Google+ has helped me increase my own search rankings.

  3. Loran says:

    I have to admit…. at first I didn’t want yet another Social Media site… BUT I have grown to like Google+ very much! Its very user friendly and they are pretty strict about not letting businesses act as people to help prevent spamming.
    The other day even I typed in some terms for my company and was ecstatic to be on the 1st page!! It was because of a G+ post!

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