How to Create a Lasting Brand Message for Events and Promotions

Brand MessageMake your brand message memorable!

At an event, what you say is just as important as what you do.

In order to leave a lasting impression on a consumer, often times what your Brand Ambassadors say is just as important as what they do during the event. That is why your content message needs some massaging before the event starts. Think about the following: What message do you want to relay? How do you want it relayed? By whom do you want it relayed?

Content Creation

The message being delivered during the event should follow three rules:

1) Be pertinent. Make sure your message relates to the task on hand. If you are demonstrating or sampling a product, write a script for your Brand Ambassadors that includes 3-4 main speaking points about THAT product. The same goes when driving traffic to an event, or capturing leads. The BAs should be armed with the pertinent details of the activation and stay focused.

2) Be succinct. Do not give your Brand Ambassadors lengthy pages of dialogue! Provide short bullet points of information. Keep the messaging simple enough to remember, but powerful enough to make an impact.

3) Be engaging. Your message needs to have enough UMPH! behind it to leave a lasting impression. Be sure to highlight the points that you think will grab a consumer. If driving traffic to an event, mention any special offers during the event – like a giveaway, raffle, or special discount if you attend. When discussing products or services, pick the details that have the biggest draw!

Remember: You want your message to be memorable. Keeping it short, impactful, and relevant will help consumers remember your brand.

Delivery and Tone

The delivery of your message can be tricky. What type of impression do you want to leave? Do you want your brand to be synonymous with “hip and fun”…or would you rather come across as “experienced and authoritative”? You know your product better than anyone else so be sure to set the tone properly with your staffing agency. You’ll want them to book Brand Ambassadors that can carry the delivery of your message.

Also, be sure to discuss the timing of your messaging. You may want your messaging delivered at a distinct point during your event. Or there may be a certain order in which you want your talking points delivered. Be sure to tell your staffing agency if you have specific requests.

Training Your Staff

Once you have created your messaging, you will want to train your Brand Ambassadors. You may choose to conduct this training, or have your staffing agency train your BAs. Either way, you will need to write out a training document for them. Some points to consider including…

  • Three Top Speaking Points: Create a one-page document that lists the main speaking points that you want your Brand Ambassadors to relate to consumers during the event.

Other information to include for the benefit of your Brand Ambassadors:

  • History of the company
  • Product details
  • Price points
  • Other products and services offered by the company
  • FAQs – Give your BAs a series of questions that they may encounter, and then provide the written answer for them.

Although you want your Brand Ambassadors to deliver a certain message while at the event, it doesn’t hurt to provide them with more information about your company. After all, they will most likely encounter a variety of questions from consumers, and a knowledgeable BA will leave a better and more lasting impression!

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