Beyond Khaki Pants

Talent Wardrobe 101

As you try to keep a cohesive look from your brand’s event footprint and premiums through the appearance of the talent working the event,  it’s important to think in advance about how the talent’s wardrobe will look and wear in the long run.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when selecting talent wardrobe:

  • Where is the event? – Season? Outdoor vs. indoor? Audience? What is talent doing? For example, if you need talent to help with set up, have them arrive in street clothes and then change on site into their heels and skirts. Also in this scenario, remember to allot a little extra time in the schedule for talent to refresh their hair and makeup.
  • Cut/Style/Sizes – Try to select an outfit that will flatter the majority of body types within a certain size range. We all want the talent to be comfortable and look good in their uniform. Ideally the wardrobe will fit perfectly and there will be a variety of sizes available. There is nothing worse than a 5’2 100lb BA wearing a XXL shirt. (Well there are worse things- keep reading). NOTE: Your ALI Account Manager can give you the t-shirt sizes of the talent in advance so you can pull the correct sizes for the event. But it’s still a great idea to have a few extra uniforms of each size on site.
  • Fabric selection –  What’s worse than a brand ambassador in a too big (or tight) shirt? A brand ambassador in a too big/tight shirt with sweat stains. Just saying. Fabric choice is important. Think about sweat absorption and how the outfit will wash/wear after repeated uses. Breathable fabric blends or moisture wicking shirts are great options.
  • Color selection – Will colors fade with cleaning? Black and other dark or bold shades fade in the sun and with washings. These colors also absorb sunlight.  If possible, try to choose lighter colors for outdoor promotions. Also reference part about sweaty BA’s above.
  • Printing – Will drying or dry cleaning the garment crack the logo? Is embroidery or another type of printing a better option and will last through the entire tour?
  •  Necessary undergarments – No need to blush! Let your agency know what type of undergarments talent need to provide so their outfit is flattering. Providing proper notice if the talent need to secure something specific will ensure everyone is prepared. VPL’s are never cool and we want to help banish them from your promotions and events!
  • Cleaning of wardrobe – Who is responsible for cleaning the uniform? Let’s be honest – no one really wants to wear something that someone else has worn but it’s a standard in industry practice. But it’s important that the wardrobe is clean and pressed (Febreeze doesn’t count!) for each talent. In our experience, when talent look and feel great in what they are wearing, they do a better job promoting.
  • What can talent provide? – Please make sure to relay any specific requests regarding talent provided pants, skirts, shoes or accessories.  Keep in mind that the requests may limit the availability of certain talent. At the end of the day, if you want the most uniform look, it is best for the brand to supply as many of the pieces as possible.

Your ALI Account Manager is a always a resource for you if you have any questions or want to run through any wardrobe ideas. We can give you a thorough assessment and additional factors to consider to help you make your final wardrobe decisions.