7 Tips for Promo Talent: How to Write a Better Event Recap Report

7 Tips for Writing a Better Event Recap Report- Adelante Live blog7 Must-Do’s On Your Next Event or Promo Recap

Last week, my colleague Lisa Marino wrote a post about the vital information brands and agencies should obtain from an event recap report. I wanted to take the opportunity with this post to address the event talent who are asked to fill out such event recap reports. The reports are vital to assessing the success of an event and they must be filled out completely and accurately. This is your opportunity to let your agency and the brand now how the event was received by consumers. Also the report can be used to relay any on site challenges or suggestions on how to improve interactions. Here are some tips to keep in mind when completing a recap report for an event, demo, or promotion.

Take Your Time

We always recommend that our talent bring a printed copy of the report to the event or promotion so they can take notes and write down consumer quotes. Taking notes steadily throughout the day will help you answer the questions on the report so you don’t have to rely on your memory. Double check your counts when taking beginning and ending inventory of product samples or promotional materials. These numbers are important for logistics and budget reasons.

Take time to think about what you are writing and remember your audience. Your agency and the brand client will be reading your comments and remarks. Remember your “voice” and make sure you are writing in a professional manner. The wording you use should be more formal than the way you typically speak. Remember the report is an important element and should be considered a part of your event. Clients are more likely to request specific talent who present themselves in a professional way. The way you write your recap reports is taken into important consideration.

Write Legibly

As mentioned above, we suggest that you make a copy of report for notes. This is especially important if your report must be hand written due to the request of a store stamp or on site manager signature. You will want one copy for notes and to edit comments and then the clean copy should be neatly written and contain the  necessary signatures. If you make a mistake, use whiteout or just put one line through the error- don’t scribble or cross out. Hand written reports need to be very neat so they can be read by the client. Take special care when scanning hand written reports and check the image view before sending to your agency to ensure they are readable!

Use Microsoft Word to Type Answers and Copy/Paste

If you have to submit an online recap report, we recommend that you write answers first in a word processing program so you can easily edit your responses and check your spelling and grammar. Another advantage of using Word or a similar program, is that you can start and save your document and walk away from it if you have to. Some online reports time-out after a while or if you accidentally leave the page, you will lose everything you wrote! Avoid this by using Word to type out your answers and then copy and paste into the online form.

Write in Complete Sentences and Give Insightful Feedback

Do not give one word answers or phrases to questions that require a little more depth. For example, a report we have with a food brand asks, “What other types of products would the consumer like to see us make?”. Some talent just submit: “Candy, drinks, crackers.”

A more professional well thought-out response would be:

“Several female consumers who enjoyed the product were interested in crackers or another type of crispy snack. A few younger consumers thought it would be great to have these flavors in a candy bar. A middle-aged gentleman suggested a protein shake type drink in the chocolate mint flavor. He thought if it tasted more like a dessert, more people would be interested in the product.”

This answer gives more detail into what type of consumer suggested what products and gave very specific feedback. This type of information is important for brands to hear as it gives them direct insight into what their consumer is looking for.

Another example: 

Question: What was the store traffic during your demo?

Typical answer: Slow

Better answer: Customer traffic during the first two hours of my demo was slower than usual. After speaking with the manager, I attribute this to the early start time of the demo. The store manager told me that on Sundays there are more consumers after noon with a peak time being noon-3pm. He suggested we shift the start time of our demo time to 11am or later so we can meet more consumers during the peak shopping times.

The latter gives your agency critical feedback that they may not have known. Now, they can make adjustments to the event time to maximize consumer interactions.

Check Your Spelling and Grammar

If you are using Microsoft Word to type your response, take advantage of the spell and grammar check. However don’t blindly accept their changes and make sure you read their suggestions before you just accept them. Some rules do not apply or they offer a suggestion that doesn’t fit. It’s a computer program and it is a tool to help you proofread but you still need to be the proofreader and double check your work.

Be Aware of Spelling and Grammar Pitfalls

Misspelled words are very common on recap reports. In addition to using the wrong word (too vs. to, they’re vs. their), there are several words that are commonly misspelled. Please review this chart as a refresher on how to spell commonly misspelled words.

Beyond spelling or word choice, there are several common grammatical errors that plague most people’s writing. Please take a minute to review the following list of common errors and keep these in mind before you write your next recap report.

Meet Your Deadlines!

The agency has given you a specific deadline for a reason. They need time to compile the information and send to the client in the manner it is requested. Your agency may have hundreds of the same type of event running simultaneously and they need time to process all the reports and/or photos. When you accept a promotion booking, you are accepting it in its entirety and it is not complete until all reports are submitted. Make sure you make reports a priority!

Use these tips to write better event recap reports. Your agency will love you for it!

Janice Rodriguez is the President and Agency Director of Adelante Live. Please follow her on Twitter @jvrodrig1029 or on Google+. You can view her full bio here. When she’s not working (when is that?) she enjoys traveling, especially if it’s out of the country and she has no access to a computer (or phone).

Wardrobe Must Haves for Promotional Talent

The Wardrobe You Need to Get Hired for Promotional Events

Khaki Pants White Dress Shirt Adelante LiveKhaki Pants - Women- Photo Adelante Live Blog

In order to be a successful brand ambassador, you need to provide some wardrobe basics for each event you execute. Depending on the type of promotion, the requirements will differ. Your agency will tell you in advance what you need to provide and if there any special requirements. Do NOT accept a booking unless you can provide what is required! Clients want a uniform, branded look that complements the promotional footprint so it is very important that you wear what they request.

The compiled list below is based on our 8+ years of booking promotional events.

Talent Wardrobe Must Haves:

  • Khaki pants (classic style- no cargo or large side pockets)
  • Black dress pants
  • Plain white tennis shoes
  • Black flat plain comfortable dress shoes
    Black high heels (thin heels)
  • White plain long sleeve button up dress shirt
  • White plain short sleeve t-shirt
  • Nude, seamless undergarments (ladies)

We Also Highly Recommend the Following Wardrobe:

  • White plain long sleeve cotton shirt (wear under branded T)
  • Khaki knee length shorts
  • Khaki capri style pants (ladies)
  • White plain short sleeve polo style shirt
  • Black plain dress shirt
  • Black high heels wedge styles shoes (ladies)
  • Skinny style jeans (ladies)

Please also keep the following wardrobe tips in mind:

  • Keep this wardrobe separate from your other clothes and only wear for events.
  • All clothes should be free of any logos or branding- so no Nike swoosh or Polo emblem!
  • Make sure to launder your clothes properly and remove any stains quickly.
  • Iron your clothes before each promo. No wrinkles or creases!
  • Take care of your clothes- replace buttons, and repair any tears. Replace clothes when they are too worn or dingy.
  • Hem your pants to the proper length for your shoes. Women should have pants hemmed for flats and heels.
  • Ladies should wear nude, seamless undergarments to every promo so nothing shows through!
  • Wear a belt with pants! You may have to tuck in a client provided shirt.
  • Make sure your hair is neat and fixed and ladies make sure you are wearing promo-appropriate makeup.
  • Remember to turn in any client provided wardrobe to on site management. With budgets as tight as they are, talent are usually not allowed to keep uniform pieces.
  • Don’t make any adjustments or alterations to client provided uniforms. Your uniform and the way you wear it should match what the training manual dictates.

Also one of the most important things regarding your promotional wardrobe is to have a great attitude about what you are wearing. Wear comfortable shoes! Please don’t complain that your feet hurt or you don’t like the uniform shirt. Smile and have fun no matter what you have on! Take your time in the morning so you will look your best and be comfortable for your promotion. When you look your best you usually feel your best and that can make all the difference for your promotional event!

Janice Rodriguez is the President and Agency Director of Adelante Live. Please follow her on Twitter @jvrodrig1029. You can view her full bio here. When she’s not working (when is that?) she enjoys traveling, especially if it’s out of the country and she has no access to a computer (or phone).

The Importance Of Being On Time (and That Means 15 Minutes Early)

What You Need to Know About Arriving to Your Events On Time

Be on Time Have you heard the expression, arriving on time means you are already late? Well I hadn’t heard that until I started in this industry close to 10 years ago. A former event manager I worked with was adamant that you were on time only when you arrived 15 minutes early. We have always called this an industry “courtesy” but more and more often we are seeing brand ambassadors and sometimes even event managers, arriving late to promotions.

So what does being on time mean to us here at Adelante Live? It means that you are at the activation site, checking in with the event manager 15 minutes before your booked time. This does NOT mean you are looking for parking or, God forbid, still driving to the event!

I’m not going to tell you to set your alarm early or change the time of the event in your calendar to trick yourself into arriving early. I’ll leave that up to you. As an independent contractor, you have to be responsible for your schedule and if you cannot arrive on time- you will no longer be booked by any agency. You will rarely get a second chance.

Here are some practical tips on how to make sure you arrive to your event early and ready to execute:

Prepare In Advance

Make sure you have the following information and items with you:

  • Final information
  • Wardrobe
  • Site map/Directions
  • On site contact information
  • Parking information
  • Cash for parking
  • Charged cell phone

Remember you can always check your events from our mobile site (m.adelantelive.com) and full A-Live Agenda online. Also if there is any other issue or concern, you can always call your Adelante Live Account Manager – even on the weekend – and your call will be answered. NOTE: Please review this information the day BEFORE event so you can get any questions answered/clarified. Waiting until the hour before the event is not a good idea.

Allow More Time for Parking and Traffic

You know when rush hour is so plan accordingly. But an accident can cause a traffic snarl. You need to pad enough time in for these unforeseeable circumstances. Working at a major sporting event or in a busy downtown area? You know you will have to park somewhere possibly far from the event location. You have to allow enough time to navigate a potentially unfamiliar area, park and actually walk to and enter the promotional area.

Know Directions

Make sure you know the best way to get to the event as well as an alternate route in case of traffic or road closure. With GPS and online programs such as Google or Yahoo Maps, there really is no excuse for not knowing HOW to get to your event. If you are unfamiliar with the area, automatically add an extra 30 minutes to your prep time so you can navigate the area.

Your Tardiness Affects Everyone

When you are late, the onsite manager has to stop what they are doing and call you and/or the agency to check your status. The manager has to delay training and other critical pre-execution tasks. And when you arrive late and the event is already in progress- it just looks really bad to attendees who can see you running around and it affects the morale of other talent who are picking up your slack because you’re not there.

Many People are Counting on You

The brand paid good money to have this event executed as planned. Months of planning, large amounts of money and the hard work of many people from many different companies and organizations have gone into the event and your performance is critical to its success. If the goal is to have a certain amount of interactions or distribute a set number of samples, your lateness will affect the achievement of those goals. People lose their jobs over not reaching and exceeding benchmarks. Even though that may sound extreme- clients have been lost for much less.

Time is Money

I’m sure you have heard the expression “Time is money”? It couldn’t be more true in the experiential marketing industry. Not only will the brand, agency and staffing agency’s money be affected by your timeliness, but you will be affected the most. Remember that your ability to be punctual to your events will make a big difference in getting hired for future events. Trust me – word travels fast in this industry and you do not want to get a reputation for being a talent who always arrives late and unprepared.

Bottom line: You need to be where you say you will be at the right time- which is at least 15 minutes early.


Janice Rodriguez is the President and Agency Director of Adelante Live. Please follow her on Twitter @jvrodrig1029. You can view her full bio here. When she’s not working (when is that?) she enjoys traveling, especially if it’s out of the country and she has no access to a computer (or phone).

Getting Too Many (or Not Enough) Emailed Promo Opportunities?

Simple Tips for Managing Your ALI Emails

Email Image

I know you love us, but I’m also sure you don’t want an inbox full of promo opportunity notifications – especially if you live 500 miles from the event location!

Here are a few quick tips on how to manage your ALI emails.


Please add no-reply@adelantelive.com to your address book.

Please add the email address above to your address book and/or add as a safe sender. We don’t want the emails you are interested in to go into your spam or junk folder. Please check your junk/spam folder regularly just in case a notification is in there. From the junk folder, depending on your email provider, you can usually mark the sender as ‘safe’.


Don’t select Kansas City as a metro in your profile if you live in Seattle.

Want more accurate emails? Then only select markets that you can ACTUALLY work in. If you live in Atlanta, you probably aren’t interested in promotional opportunities in Los Angeles. If you travel routinely across the United States, you may want to
receive the emails in case you are spending time in another market and want to pick up an ALI promo while you are there.
It’s possible that when you first registered, you selected all metros when asked. But if you can’t possibly work them all, we don’t want to send you unwanted emails.

Please take the following steps to check/modify your metro selections:

1) Please log in to your A-Live Agenda profile at www.adelantelive.com
2) At the top of your A-Live Agenda home page, click the tab Personal OR click the Gear icon to enter Settings.
3) Under Metros I’d Like to Work In– please check if ALL metros
are highlighted (will be in blue). Click anywhere in the box to deselect the markets. Only select markets you want to work in. While clicking the metro names, you MUST hold down the CTRL key to select multiple markets.
4) VERY IMPORTANT: Click the gray box: Update Preferred Metro Areas. Do NOT leave the page before doing this.

While you are logged in to your profile, it is also a great time to update your photos and experience.


Remember you can SEARCH nationwide events 24/7/365!

Maybe you are staying in another city for an extended period of time or maybe just a weekend. If you’re interested in working an ALI event, please SEARCH events 2-3 weeks in advance of your trip for the best chance of getting booked. If it’s a last minute trip you can always search events and promos by zip code, state, city or keyword from the mobile site or full website.

Happy Promoting!


Janice Rodriguez is the President and Agency Director of Adelante Live.  Please follow her on Twitter @jvrodrig1029. You can view her full bio here. When she’s not working (when is that?) she enjoys traveling, especially if it’s out of the country and she has no access to a computer (or phone).

Keep Your Feet and Legs in Standing Order

In an industry where looks matter, most of us take great care of our appearance. Facials, teeth whitening, visits to the dermatologists and make up counter, are often standard.  Good looks will definitely get you promotional jobs but being able to stand on your feet all day at a tradeshow while maintaining a smile or walk many blocks giving away samples without complaint is what ensures that a job has been done well.  Achy lower backs and swollen feet can quickly turn a fun job into a miserable one.  Feet and knees are similar to our faces in that they benefit from preventative care.  We ladies are encouraged to use eye cream well before that tender under eye starts wrinkling, likewise we should take care with our feet before they give us problems.

Unless you want to be banished to a cubicle and a 9 to 5 job, in order to work promotions and events, it is imperative that you can stand for long hours with ease whether you are 22, 32 or 42. Below are my top tips for enduring long stretches on your feet.

1. Flat shoes feel good but may not be so good.

According to Dr. Oz and most podiatrists, shoes should have a heel of at least 1”. Not all flats are made the same. Flats are typically thought to be more comfortable than heels, however very flat shoes are bad for your arches and knees. If you are flat footed, flat shoes will be very comfortable however wearing them constantly will take its toll on your lower back, ankles, and knees. Also your arches may become even flatter. If you have high arches the lack of arch support can cause too much strain on the rest of your foot.  It is best to find flat shoes that have at least some arch support in the shoe. These are usually more expensive than other flat shoes but well worth the additional money.

Also, inexpensive arch supports may be found at the drugstore, making it easy to make any shoe more supportive. I especially recommend adding arch support inserts if a promotion uniform consists of Converse All Star shoes.  I love their classic All-American look but they offer no arch or heel support nor any shock absorbency.  I recently worked an outdoor event and it was a little chilly for the end of September. The first day I wore extremely comfortable ballet flats that provided little arch support; my colleague wore Converse All Stars. By the end of the day both of us were absolutely freezing even though it wasn’t that cold out and my knees hurt. Why?  Because our thin, flat, shoes provided no buffer from the cold that was leaching up through the concrete. The next day I wore my Dansko Mary Jane flats. Though also flat, they provided a thick layer of rubber on the soles, along with arch support which prevented the cold from permeating my shoes and feet.

2. Compression hosiery and socks are worth the expense.

Wearing compression hosiery has been the norm for flight attendants and nurses for years but I know very few promotional models who wear them. They can make a huge difference in how your legs feel after a long day on your feet.  Compression stockings are tightest at the ankles and gradually become less constrictive towards the knees and thighs. This causes more blood to return to the heart and prevents blood from pooling in the feet. Increased circulation also helps prevent legs from feeling achy, tired and swollen.

3. Epsom salt soaks are inexpensive and effective.

Grandmas have long recommended Epsom salts as a remedy for all sorts of ails.   Its chemical makeup, magnesium sulfate, is perfect for soaking in since it is easily absorbed through the skin. While soaking in an Epsom salt bath, magnesium ions are absorbed by the body.  Those ions interfere with the nervous systems pain receptors.  The salts help not only to mask the pain but also reduce pains by: relaxing muscles, drawing toxins out of the body and reducing swelling.  Best of all it cost less than a Starbucks coffee: a pound of Epsom salts can typically be found at any drug store for less than $2.50.

 4. Elevate those legs.

Elevating legs for twenty minutes after a long shift can aid in lower limb circulation and help reduce swelling. Plus you’ve been working all day; you deserve to put your feet up.

While none of these steps may be necessary for a short promotion, they make a world of difference if you are booked for a ten day tradeshow or week long street team promotion. Take care of yourself and your feet!

Shalina Rankin, brand ambassador, guest blogger Shalina Rankin, writer, trade show host, event and marketing specialist and owner of Baubles At Your Feet  may be contacted at  ShalinaPresents@facebook.com for opportunities, comments and topic suggestions.

Are You Using the Adelante Live Mobile Site From Your Smartphone?

You should be!

Earlier this year, Adelante Live launched their mobile site m.adelantelive.com which is an abbreviated but content rich version of the full A-Live Agenda. From your smartphone browser you can quickly and easily perform the following tasks:

  • Search for events
  • Apply for events
  • Confirm booked events
  • Review details of booked events
  • See your event history
  • View messages on your wall
  • Send ALI a message

You can do all of this from an easy to use, simple interface. We know that you’re working and sometimes can’t get to your computer until later in the day. Now you can quickly search, apply and confirm events from your phone. Say you are on your way to the promotion and want to double check the address. It’s easy from the mobile site! Just log in, click the B for bookings, and you can see your event information including address, wardrobe and onsite contact information.

If you don’t have a smartphone or cell phone that can browse the internet- get one! If it’s the one thing you invest in this year- you should.  It is definitely a necessary tool if you want to be a successful brand ambassador. Events get filled quickly and if you are able to apply when you are on break from another promo, then you increase your chances of getting booked.

The site works on any mobile browser on your Android, iPhone or Windows phone. To access the full site you can always go to www.adelantelive.com but we encourage you to start using the mobile site for all the topline information you need to work ALI events.

Happy Promoting!

ALI Mobile Site Homepage

Screenshot of ALI Mobile Site


In Defense of Booth Babes

Recently one of my LinkedIn Groups had a lively discussion under the thread, “Is it Finally Time to Ban the Booth Babe?”. Well that’s harsh I thought. For one, I can think of a better name than the derogatory “booth babe”.  Booth Hostess, Tradeshow Host, Product Specialist, Narrator, perhaps? All are roles commonly found on the tradeshow floor.  All serve their purpose so why would anyone want to ban them?!

“Babe” of course denotes someone, usually: female, very attractive, and fairly young who has been planted on the tradeshow floor with no knowledge of the industry and whose sole purpose is to attract visitors by being… attractive.  It also infers that being a booth babe requires no particular skill set.  While most clients and visitors would readily agree that a Product Specialist, a person who has been thoroughly trained on a line of products and can answer most prospective customers’ questions with a degree of confidence and certitude, are valuable. They, much like a Narrator who can flawlessly deliver a marketing presentation to an audience from memory or an ear prompter, are typically very well compensated.  However some may balk at the high rates a so called “booth babe” also receives.

However the “booth babe” also earns her keep.  She stands all day in in high heels on thinly carpeted concrete tradeshow floor with a smile that rarely ever falters. She deftly and graciously deflects unwanted romantic advances from visitors.  If it is a selling tradeshow floor she democratically passes off qualified prospects to the sales team making sure leads are evenly distributed as not to sow discord among the sales team.  She seamlessly blends in with the full time staff.  If they are gregarious, outgoing and aggressive when pursuing sales lead she follows suit. If they adopt a reserved non-selling tone she adapts accordingly. She is engaging and entertaining, facilitating conversation with potential customers while making sure not to be drawn into too long of a conversation so as not to ignore others who may have a question.  In short “Booth Babes” should not be banned; they should be appreciated.*


*Clearly I am biased as I spent many years on tradeshow floors as a Product Specialist, Narrator and so called “Booth Babe”


Shalina Rankin      Shalina Rankin, writer, trade show host, event and marketing specialist and owner of Baubles At Your Feet  may be contacted at  ShalinaPresents@facebook.com for opportunities, comments and topic suggestions.


Three Reasons Why It Seems Like Your Agency Has Lost Your Number

1. You Have a Reputation of Being Late.  In this profession being late is tantamount to committing a cardinal sin. Thou must not be late!  And if for some reason you are late; you should call or text the onsite manager before you are actually late to let them know that you are running behind and when they should expect you.  Admittedly I’ve had to do this once or twice. It has always worked out to my benefit. By calling before you are actually late it prevents the onsite manager from wondering if they have a no show on their hands and if backups need to be called. It also shows responsibility, respect for others’ time, and that you are not the type to try to sneak in late hoping that no one has noticed.

2. You are overheard bad mouthing the Client, Product, Agency, and/ or Event Management.  Engaging in that type of behavior is always in bad taste.  At some point we all have been involved in a program that was disorganized and poorly managed.   Complaining about it to anyone who will listen is tempting; however do your best to refrain from this. Yes it feels good to vent at times, but you never know who is listening and who is friends with whom. This can be a competitive industry and you don’t want to lose out on bookings because word got back to an agency that you had a negative attitude and were complaining about the program.  If the client happens to be onsite and overhears it, count on never working for that booking agency again.

3. You don’t look like your pictures. You must look like your pictures. An agency cannot send you to a casting call or promotion in good faith if you’ve gained or lost twenty pounds, you’ve cut your hair, you’ve grown your hair, you’ve dyed your hair and your pictures do not reflect these changes. Drastic appearance changes require picture updates. With promotional modeling opportunities the rules are not as strict but you should still do your best to regularly update your photos.

Don’t fall victim to any of the above bad behaviors and you will be sure to remain in your agency’s good graces.

Shalina Rankin      Shalina Rankin, writer, trade show host, event and marketing specialist and owner of Baubles At Your Feet  may be contacted at  ShalinaPresents@facebook.com for opportunities, comments and topic suggestions.


When the Freebies Aren’t Flying

We’ve all been there; a client has assigned us thousands and thousands of premiums -freebies – to give away in an afternoon. It should be a cinch; we’re not Children’s International asking for money, nor a market research company demanding precious time and information. We are offering a gift that they’re sure to like.  But person after person is giving us a smug no. Even the most talented promotional teams can find it difficult to give away flyers and coupons for obscure brands but when high value items aren’t moving; it’s clear that there is a larger force at play.

We are all familiar with the concept of perceived value as opposed to actual value and the old adage that “people are like sheep.”  When giving items away on the street those concepts can work against us. Many people will assume that if you are giving it away; it isn’t that valuable and not worth the time to stop and investigate. An example of this happening was during a promotion I worked two years ago in Chicago. Nescafé was competing heavily against Starbucks and their new single serve instant coffee packets. We were responsible for giving away what seemed like millions of Taster Choice variety packs. Each pack had 5 flavors of single serve coffee packets. Nescafé is a world renowned coffee brand. Honestly the coffee was delicious. This truly was a premium give away. And like most clients dictate, the rule was to distribute only one sample per person.

We needed thousands of people to happily take our premiums. The most obvious choice is Union Station, one of the busiest train stations in the country. But these commuters are used to the game; several times a week some company is trying to foist a coupon, flyer, or useless tchotchke on them. They are in a hurry trying to get to or from work and they DO NOT CARE about your handout.  It takes them a nanosecond to decide if they are going to say yes or no. When a train arrives they come rushing up the stairs in droves.  If all goes well you can distribute hundreds of premiums in a matter of minutes, but often if one person declines then all the people around them decline. The more “no’s” you get in a row, the more likely all the people behind them will also say no.

This is sheep thinking on display. You can almost see the cartoon bubble above their head: “If the person in front of me doesn’t want it, it must be no good and I don’t want it either. I can scurry on.” I’ve learned the easiest way to stop this spiral is to step back and put your items back in your bag. Adopt the air that this giveaway isn’t for everyone. It’s exclusive and if it is offered, it is because you have been deemed special. Look about ten paces in front of you, find someone to make eye contact with, smile and if you get a sense that they will accept the premium, offer it to them.  Hopefully they will say yes. If they do, just like that, sheep think will be adjusted to work in your favor and everyone around and behind them also wants what you offered exclusively to them.

Shalina Rankin      Shalina Rankin, writer, trade show host, event and marketing specialist and owner of Baubles At Your Feet  may be contacted at  ShalinaPresents@facebook.com for opportunities, comments and topic suggestions.